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Why are we sure that we identify the most popular bookmakers and how do we do it? It is with great pleasure that we will tell you about it.


Are you afraid that your first experience in betting on sports will end in lost money because of fraudulent bookmakers? This is possible. But if you know what to pay attention to when choosing a bookmaker’s office, it is very likely that you will never face deception in the BC.

Knowing how to choose a bookmaker’s office is especially important for beginners. So let’s get to the bottom of it.

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The most important factor, and universal for all categories of players – the reliability of the bookmaker’s office. We play not on wrappers, but on our own blood money. And they should only be trusted by proven companies. How to choose a legal BC on the Internet?

First of all, read the reviews of other players and the evaluation of the BC on the “Bookmakers’ Rating”. Recommended bookmakers include bookmakers with a score of 5 and 4. Rating of 3 points is not a sentence for a bookie yet. This includes all offices when adding them to the rating, and then the assessment is specified. However, these companies should be treated with caution: their reliability is either insufficient or we have little information about them.
…always check the bookie’s license!

Secondly, pay attention to the age and reputation (fame) of the office. If a bookmaker company has existed for a long time, it usually indicates that it has time to get back on its feet and is reliable. The good reputation of the BC in betting communities, for example, among the subscribers of the Bookmakers’ Rating, also speaks in favor of its reliability. These two factors should be considered together. The fact that you have often heard the name of the office does not mean that it is as reliable as a Swiss bank.

Third, always check the bookmaker’s license! At reliable bookmakers’ offices on the site you will always find comprehensive legal information, namely the name of the licensing authority and license number. Most often there is also a link to the license page on the licensor’s website, where you should also indicate the contacts you can complain about the bookmaker’s office, if necessary.


Another important factor when choosing a company is the width of the line. In simple terms, the number of sporting events you can bet on. This parameter becomes more and more flexible, because new offers appear in the bookmaker lines. If before we could have been surprised by the presence of some exotic sports and bets on the election results in the U.S., now even the bets on the most overwhelming football tournament and the results of the show “Voice” in the order of things. Of course, most of the players do not need such exclusivity at all. Popular sports are present in absolutely all bookmakers. The choice of the office on this parameter is purely individual and depends on the preferences of the player. However, if you are interested in which BC to choose for bets on cybersports, here the parameter of availability of the necessary disciplines, tournaments and even matches becomes decisive.

It’s best to find a middle ground among reliable bookmakers – the company that will provide you with the necessary sporting events and betting options with high enough odds.

Similarly, you should approach the painting of bets on the events in the line. Painting is a list of all bets that the bookmaker offers you within the framework of an event. Basically, bookmakers try to make a lot of money to meet the needs of any player.

But it should be noted that the offices from our “Bookmakers for Professionals” section will hardly be able to give a large choice to the average player. Their painting is very limited, as, however, the line. But bookmakers’ offices for professionals are ideal in terms of another important parameter – the value of coefficients. The higher the odds, the greater the winnings on the bet. Betting on the most advantageous odds is the same as buying at the most advantageous prices. Also, the BC for professionals are known for not cutting the maximums, and these BCs are suitable for forks, because usually do not impose restrictions on the game account because of this. It is best to find among the reliable bookmakers’ offices a middle ground – the company that will provide you with the necessary sporting events and betting options at sufficiently high odds.


What currency to choose for the BC? This and other questions should be asked before the game starts. Account currency, the number of deposit and withdrawal methods, the speed of payments, commissions – this is extremely important. It is better to open an account in the currency that you use in your daily life and in which you have a card. Otherwise, you will constantly lose money for currency conversions. The bookmaker must be very fond of you so that you close your eyes to this advice. Make sure that the bookmaker supports the payment method that is most convenient for you personally. Most bookmakers don’t have any problems with the number of payment methods at the moment, but you may not find your favorite one in the list of 30 payments, and this will greatly cross out the other advantages of this office.

Keep in mind that you will pay a commission for withdrawal of funds from the payment system. Therefore, carefully study the conditions of convenient payment systems. Be prepared for the fact that many foreign bookmakers may not have the usual QIWI and “Yandex.Money” in the methods of deposit / withdrawal.

Speed of withdrawal of money is another important factor, but too much attention is paid to it. Many equally reliable offices on this parameter have decent discrepancies. Many people are surprised when the payment comes from the office “A” one minute, and the office “B” has been withdrawing funds for several days before that. Those who have moved from office to office in the opposite direction, begin to write angry letters to support after 30 minutes of waiting for payment, confident that they do not want to pay. In fact, the timing of the withdrawal of funds is specified in the rules, and it is better to get acquainted with them in advance. Of course, it is more pleasant to receive the payment in a couple of minutes after the order, but this is not the most important factor when choosing an office.