Legal Betting

What is a legal playground, how is it different from an offshore one? How to distinguish these two types of bookmakers’ offices, all in the article below


Bookmakers’ offices, which you can find on the Internet, are divided into two types: legal (they are also official) and offshore. Real, i.e. legal, are considered those offices that have received the appropriate license. Such a permit allows you to conduct legal activities on the territory of Russia, and the office should be in a self-regulating organization of bookmakers.

The choice of a bookmaker’s office depends on different factors, here it is important to take into account the legality of the office, the width of the line, painting, coefficients. Before choosing, it is important to make sure that the company has a license. This is a very important point, and it is necessary to clarify it in advance. To do this, be sure to look at the page of the casino, where the office demonstrates the licenses to work in the gambling business, it is better if they are issued in Europe, in this case, the office causes more confidence.

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It is also important to pay attention to the ways of withdrawal of funds, if the office is solid, it will offer not only different wallets electronic, but also bank cards. An office that works with banks is thoroughly checked and therefore more trustworthy. Some of the things that everyone usually pays attention to are access to support services. You can initially call the support team with any trivial question, you should answer it immediately, you will be sure that you will be able to get an answer at any time.


The main difference, of course, lies in the fact that unlicensed in the country where the bookmaker’s offices are located are registered in one of the offshore zones. Among them are Gibraltar, Malta, Curaçao and so on. These countries have offices of all bookmakers from all over the world, as the transparent policy of these countries allows to carry out activities all over the world via the Internet.

Such offices are blocked in countries where special permits and licences are required for legal activities. Some operators, including Russian ones, have offshore registration because they target users around the world.

The main difference between a legal office and an offshore one is that the websites of the latter are constantly blocked. To bypass the blocking, players will have to look for methods to bypass the blocking and mirror sites.

Of course, the presence of a license requires the bookmaker to comply with all the rules, and in case of problems with payments or bets, the player is guaranteed to receive all the funds. To recover funds from an offshore operator when problems arise is not always possible. Offshore institutions have almost all opportunities to keep the player’s funds to themselves, because in this case, the user is helpless and will not be able to prove their point of view in a dispute with a company registered in Curacao or other offshore zones.

Note that offshore bookmakers, as a rule, not only accept the rates, but also engaged in gambling activities, including casinos, bingo, poker, and so on. This, of course, makes them illegal in countries where these types of gambling are prohibited by law. On the contrary, licensed offices are exclusively engaged in betting activities.