Tennis Betting

The history of tennis is interesting and fascinating, perhaps it is one of the easiest types of income, because our analysts have analyzed all the resources and derived the most accurate algorithms for bets on this sport


It’s no secret that betting on tennis is currently one of the most favorite types of betting among betters. Why is this sport attracts players? It should be noted that tennis matches are played all year round, there are practically no breaks and you can always find an interesting event that you can bet on. Tennis is a rather unpredictable sport, and here often even the “craziest” bet on an outsider can sometimes play. Also, there are no draws.

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However, such unpredictability of this sport is not always a plus in tennis. On the contrary, many players are deterred by this factor. It would seem that you look at the line of coefficients, you see in it an obvious favorite, which gives a coefficient much less than 1.5 – it must win. Only in practice, often everything is completely different. Many people think that betting sites are somehow deceiving their players or doing some kind of bad manipulations. In fact, everything is much simpler. Tennis is an individual sport (if we are not talking about doubles or mixed tennis, where two people play on each half of the court), where everything depends on the state of a particular player at a given time. Everything can depend on the physical form of an athlete at a given point in time, his abilities on a certain surface (someone does not like or simply does not know how to play on separate courts – soil or grass, for example). No one is immune from the fact that a tennis player will have a toothache on the match day. Such factors have a major impact on the course of the match. This is not football, where there are 10 other players on your team who can neutralize such moments. It all depends on the specific athlete and his condition on a given day of the week.


Therefore, much depends on the form of the player on a particular day.

Considering all these factors, many try to avoid this sport. Is it correct? Everyone decides for himself. If you are well versed in tennis, know how to analyze this sport, then all of this should not be a problem for you. Yes, of course, there are certain failures, but they can be fought with competent analysis of matches, statistics, etc.

A feature of this sport can be called the fact that there are almost no equal lines of coefficients. The bookmaker can give a rough line even for the final matches of top tennis tournaments, where, it would seem, the level of opponents is about the same. Relatively speaking, in the final of a major tournament Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic will play, but this does not mean that the line will be 1.90 by 1.90. Most likely, it will still be a bias towards the same Djokovic, although it is far from a fact that the match will end in his favor.

Nevertheless, it should be understood that if a tennis bookmaker gives a coefficient for one of the rivals lower than 1.5 – this does not mean that this athlete will be the clear favorite of the match. He may have such a status, but not always it can be implemented on the court. Tennis is an individual sport where much depends on the physical condition of an athlete on a particular day of the week. Therefore, the bookmaker usually puts odds on the basis of the current form of the athlete, his performance history, personal encounters with an opponent, etc., but the 1.4 series odds do not guarantee you the victory! Without competent analysis, such rates represent a walk in a minefield. In the same way, it is worth considering the fact that, taking into account not the smallest size of the margin of bookmakers, such factors are not the most profitable for players. What to do in this case?


In this situation, it does not make much sense to bet on the victory of one of the tennis players. The tennis betting market usually offers a very nice painting, in which you can find the most interesting options for betting. Very popular and widely used are the odds and total betting on tennis.

Sometimes the bet on the victory does not make any sense, while the odds or total bets are much more effective.

Let’s assume the situation. You see a match in the line, in which there is, in your opinion, a clear favorite who has every chance of winning. You have analyzed this match and are ready to make a bet, but his victory is given too small a coefficient. What to do in this case? Naturally, to turn to the market rates with odds. There are various bets on the winner with a handicap. Most bookmakers offer bets with a handicap on games, but sometimes you can find bets with a handicap on sets, which is also a very interesting option. However, the situation with the odds on the game is much more common about it and it is worth talking in more detail.

The most common negative and positive handicap on games in the range from 2.5 to 7.5. That is, for example, a bet on the victory of player A with a handicap of -4.5 will mean that he needs to win the match by a margin of 5 games. This is a good option to increase the odds. Only here should be approached carefully to such odds. Many are often addicted and in the pursuit of the maximum ratio choose such odds that, in principle, have virtually no chance of becoming a winning one. Here for beginners, a good bet on tennis will be a good help. Of course, you can find prediction options for money, but most of them are not worth it, since they will not differ much from free ones, but you will spend your money.

That is, if you see an obvious favorite in the match, in whose victory you are sure, you can bet on the odds with a minus. Although there is a reverse situation. There are quite a few matches in which bookmakers give a higher odds for an outsider (in their opinion). At the same time, after analyzing the upcoming match, you came to the conclusion that everything is far from being so unambiguous there and the player, who is considered an outsider, has a good chance to fight for the victory. In such a situation, it makes sense to bet on such an underdog (outsider) with a plus handicap. He may not be able to win, but if he imposes a serious struggle on his opponent and loses with a certain gap in the games, you have every chance to make your bet successful.

An equally interesting option for betting on tennis is betting on totals. To some extent, these rates can be called more complex, and to some extent simpler. They are more difficult because by betting on the total, you are trying to predict how hard the match will turn out. There will be a minimum number of sets or a large number of games will be involved in sets, etc. In this regard, of course, things are not so simple, because to guess such things can be extremely problematic. On the other hand, such bets are easier to make, since it is not necessary to guess the winner of the opposition here. For example, a match in which there are two more or less equal tennis players. At one of them they give a greater coefficient, but you do not think that everything will be so unequivocal in a match. In such a situation, it makes sense to bet on the total more. If you calculate everything correctly, then you won’t care who ended up winning the meeting, you’ll have the number of games you have chosen that will bet on total more or less.


Equally popular are the bets on tennis live. It has its own methods and strategies of betting, so much has been invented how to play as efficiently as possible. In this case, each player is still guided by something different. In any case, live tennis betting is a very exciting action, in which it is much more interesting to bet on than in the same football, for example. Tennis is a very dynamic sport in which you can make many bets on the same match live. For example, bets on who wins a specific submission are quite popular. You can calculate for yourself how much they are carried out during one match. However, in this sport, as in others, has its own characteristics, and you need to be careful when you bet on live.

Do not immediately rush to make bets (and even more so for large sums) when the match has just begun. Here, rather the opposite will be a logical position with waiting and analyzing what is happening in the match. You have a great opportunity to observe the course of the confrontation, to understand what is happening in it and what to expect next. Haste here often does not just help, but only hurts!

Do not rush to live bets. It is better to wait a bit and draw certain conclusions about the course of the match.

Often there are such situations when the favorites have no particular motivation to play in any tournament. For example, the Grand Slam tournament is coming up soon, and one of the top tennis players simply leads to training in a semi-training mode. In such a situation, an instant bet on him in live, after several innings won or even a game, can play a cruel joke with you. For outsiders, winning matches at big tournaments is very problematic, but at smaller tournaments they often create sensations, replaying recognized favorites. So it is worth waiting and watching the match and only then make some live bets.

Often experienced players advise beginners to make live betting on tennis from the second set. This is a simple explanation. It often happens that the first set in a match is almost a warm-up. It sometimes happens unexpected turns and results. By and large, the first set is necessary in order to understand the general essence of the match and what to expect from it further. Here, a good piece of advice is that you should bet with 11 games. Of course, in this situation the first set may last (the 5: 5 score in the first game has not been canceled yet), but you will already understand the overall picture of the match and determine for yourself what it is worth betting on.

An important feature of live betting is that there is often a huge selection of bets. Moreover, the coefficients often go much further than 2. And the probability that they will play is not the smallest. For example, a match favorite may absolutely not tune in to the first set and lose it. At the same time, no one has canceled the fact that this is a strong tennis player. You can bet on his victory, and given the fact that he lost the first set, the coefficient for his victory will increase significantly.

One simple fact should be understood here – one should not be afraid of large coefficients. Bookmakers, of course, are far from stupid, but they also tend to be wrong. For example, in women’s tennis is not the most rare is the situation with a crazy winning back. There is no such dependence on who submits. In men’s tennis, the pitches are very strong and this factor is very important there, but in women’s tennis it almost doesn’t matter. Therefore, here you can catch very nice bets with a high ratio to the athlete taking delivery. Just as sometimes it is possible to meet the situation in the series, athlete B is inferior to athlete A in a game of 30: 0 and loses in the set 5: 4. Can you imagine what coefficient will be given to athlete B? In this case, the option is not excluded that she will win this game, as well as she can transfer the set to a tie-break. Such matches really happen, you just need to have patience to find them.


Perhaps this is the main question that should interest the novice player who is going to bet on tennis. Without a competent analysis of matches, any bets will not be effective for a long distance. In the case of tennis, which is an individual sport, this is especially important. So how to analyze the match and draw the right conclusions? What needs to be done to make the tote tennis and tennis bookmaker become profitable for you and bring only positive emotions? So what is worth paying attention to?

Coverage of the court. It is not a secret for anyone that tennis has its own nuances related to the type of coverage on which a particular match is played. Different coatings react differently to the pitch, balls in different ways and at different speeds fly off, etc. With all these features, there are players who specialize in certain types of courts. That is, the same Rafael Nadal his whole career (at least while he was at his peak) was considered the king of the ground, with whom few could even compete on this surface. At the same time, he never had any crazy successes on the grass cover, the matches on this cover were given to him with great difficulty. All this has been going since childhood, from the first trainings. Players are trained on different surfaces in different conditions. Someone simply does not have a choice, and he plays on a specific surface, while someone finds a favorite kind of court for himself, which he tries to play as often as possible. It is worth paying serious attention to this factor, since often even recognized favorites and world ranking leaders are powerless on specific types of court coverage.

Current form. This is a very important point that you should always pay attention to. On the court can occur conditional 5th World against the 100th, but it still does not mean anything. Always consider the actual shape of the players at a given time. Analyze the last matches, with whom he played and how, how many sets it took, when the match took place, whether there were any injuries, etc. All these factors are very important and seriously facilitate the life of the beta. Studying these nuances, you can very effectively play in the bookmaker. You should also examine the preferences of various tennis players in terms of tournaments. It is no secret that many representatives of the tour have their favorite competitions, in which they try to perform as strongly as possible. Most likely, this tennis player will try to approach this tournament in his best form.

Frequency of meetings. Another important indicator, which sometimes seriously helps in terms of analysis. However, sometimes it happens that it is absolutely useless. Let’s start with the “useless” cases. A simple example: experienced players who have been playing for many years will meet on the court. Their history of personal encounters has a lot of duels, but the last one took place, for example, 5 years ago. Will this information help us? Most likely no. During such a period of time, so much could change that this information would become absolutely irrelevant. On the other hand, there are reverse situations. Tennis players quite often overlap with each other on the court and their history of personal meetings is regularly updated. On the basis of such data, on the contrary, you can gather a lot of useful information. Here you can see the trends that a particular opponent is inconvenient for a favorite or something in a similar vein. A tennis player may be the first racket of the world, but there will always be some rival who plays in an uncomfortable style for him, which levels all the trump cards of the 1st racket. So it is really worth paying attention to.

We hope that our article will seriously help you with bets on such a sport as tennis. Use the information obtained here wisely, and you can make quite successful bets.