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For a long time it was believed that the word soccer appeared in the U.S. to distinguish between football in the traditional sense and the game known as American football. The origin of the game was the sports analyst Stefan Szymanski from the University of Michigan.


Sokker is a kind of football that’s popular in America. It is quite a popular sport on the continent. Every year, soccer is gaining huge popularity and gaining the love of its fans around the world. Bookmakers’ offices and their analysts have long paid attention to this sport. They compared the requests and decided to introduce them into the game world in order to increase the audience and satisfy the desire of their players.

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In May, he published an article that debunked the myth that soccer was a strange American linguistic invention. In fact, the word came from the UK. And the British used it quite often, until, in their opinion, it turned into Americanism.
The story of the game began as many other good stories in the pub. Back in the Middle Ages, there was a kind of football in England: the game used a ball that was kicked in the legs. However, the first attempts to standardize it were made only in the XIX century, when the game became popular among students of schools for aristocrats, such as Eaton and Rugby. In October 1863, leaders of a dozen sports clubs met in the Freemason Tavern in London to establish “a certain set of rules to regulate the game. The Football Association was formed. One of the contentious issues in the discussion of the rules was whether to allow kicks and stretches (the answer was no). However, soon afterwards, in 1871, another sports association met to create a set of rules for hands-on play, rugby.
“From now on,” writes Szymanski, “the two versions of the game began to be distinguished by the abbreviated names of the sports associations Rugby Football and Association Football. Soon people started using short versions of the names: rugby football turned into a rugger, and association football, most likely, into soccer. Both names have changed once again, spreading all over the world. Conversational soccer took root in the U.S. in the first decade of the twentieth century and was used, in particular, to distinguish the game from American football, hybrid form of European football and rugby.
In support of this theory, Shimansky quotes a 1905 letter from a New Yorker, Francis Tabor, to The New York Times, in which editors are warned about the spreading misshaping of the word Socker:
“It’s a pity that The New York Times and other newspapers insistently call the game Socker when describing the matches of the New York Times Football Association. Firstly, there is no such word, and secondly, it is extremely ugly and unworthy.
You can browse through the English newspapers back and forth, but you won’t even find the words Socker in any of the game descriptions.In fact, students at Oxford and Cambridge were having fun using the ending -er in many words, such as foot er, sport er.
The results turned out to be extremely interesting: socker was actively used in Great Britain in the first half of the 20th century, but much less often after the Second World War. Even such combinations as soccer football appeared in the press at that time. In the decades after the war, it may have been periodically used under the influence of American troops in Great Britain during the war and the popularity of American culture. Since the 1980s, however, the British have been abandoning the term as soccer has become an increasingly popular sport in the United States.
Football. Soccer. Calcio.


Although, how important are the language differences, if we take into account the incredible emotions that this game gives people?
After all, Sokker is quite an interesting and unpredictable game, watching the team game is a pleasure. Having developed a winning strategy, you will quickly achieve colossal results in the game. The most popular league in America, on which make bets is MLS.
Major League Soccer (MLS) is a professional football league, the top division of the football league system in the USA and Canada. The MLS is sanctioned by the U.S. Football Federation, with 24 teams participating 21 from the U.S. and 3 from Canada. The regular MLS championship is held from March to October, during which each team plays 34 matches. Twelve teams participate in a playoff tournament in November-December and it ends with the final match for the MLS Cup, in which the league champion is determined. MLS teams also compete in tournaments with teams from other divisions and countries in the U.S. Open Cup, Canadian Championship and the ConcacAF Champions League.
If in Europe many clubs play only on the result, without looking at the expenditure list, in the U.S. there is a count of every dollar spent.
The main task of the MLS league is to organize a show and get income for each participant of the tournament, which would allow to develop.
Unlike European tournaments, there is no big gap between favorites and outsiders in MLS, so you won’t see any double-digit coefficients for underdogs here.
Usually they are at the level of 4.00-6.00. Also, there are no situations like in RFLP, when teams that have fulfilled their tasks hand out (or sell?) points to the left and right. The odds on the outsider at the beginning of the season will not differ much from the odds in the final part of the regular championship

Sokker is an abbreviated name for football that has become common in a number of English-speaking countries. What is soccer literally? Like football, it is a team ball game in which players from one team must score as many goals as possible at the goal of the other team. During the game, the player is allowed to contact the ball only with the legs or other body parts except for the hands. Only two players on the field of play are allowed to play with their hands, goalkeepers whose job is to protect their own goal. In other words, the Sokker is the same as soccer, neither in terms of rules nor in terms of manners.

The story with this name has its roots in the middle of the XIX century. Sokker is an English derivative of “soc” from the abbreviation “association football”, which means literally football by the rules of association. Such a long name of the game of ball feet was explained simply. The meaning of “according to the rules of association” – is that no matter what the game of ball with the legs, with such a sport as rugby, which was at the time popular in England. Over time, the full and long name has lost its relevance. Only part of the word “soc” with the addition of “er” to it was used as the name.

By the way, the same name was given to rugby – in the English manner, this game sounds like “ragerr”. Since the game of kicking ball became widespread not only in the Foggy Albion, but also throughout continental Europe, the question of the name was solved by itself. The sport at the international level is no longer called sokker. In everyday life, and a little later at the official level, the game of ball feet began to be called football.