Politics Betting

Political races have always been interesting for players, but now you can bet on an event


Politics has appeared in Ancient Greece since the formation of urban communities. Through the Roman Empire, it spread first throughout Europe and then around the world. Each country had its own peculiarities, so many forms of government were formed.

At the moment there are several dozens of political systems and even now it is impossible to say which of them is the most suitable for the state. The system changes from time to time, which leads to fundamental changes in the country and the life of society.

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The first thing to pay attention to is the ratings of presidential candidates or the ratings of political parties, and not only the rating at the moment is significant. It is better to look at the last 5-6 opinion polls in order to understand if the candidate loses his position or, on the contrary, adds to the political weight.

It is very difficult to bet on political events in countries that you do not know anything about. The picture that is given by the domestic media is not always true, so if you bet on parliamentary elections in Sweden, you should first study Swedish resources. It is important to use several sources to get a holistic picture of the chances of candidates.

It should be noted that public opinion polls take into account all age groups and strata of the population, but in reality some strata of the population are more active in the elections. For example, pensioners are more responsible for elections than young people, who often ignore them.

The election program of candidates does not really play a big role, few of the voters study its aspects, mainly people rely on the identity of the presidential candidate or party representative. Therefore, it is very important how politicians behave in the debates.

Politics is one of the spheres of activity of the states, directly related to the functioning of the Parliaments of all countries, as well as their Presidents. In addition, all kinds of elections and referendums are also directly related to politics.

The bets on political events offered by the ParimatchMatch bookmaker’s office can be called a real highlight in the world of gambling. The most popular such bets are just before the important events of the state level – a lot of bettors want to participate directly in the political life of the homeland, while also heating up their economic interest. In 2014, ParimatchMatch offers a wide enough branch of political events on which you can bet.


The main advantage of political betting is the relative slowness of such events in the country, which provides an excellent opportunity to conduct a proper analysis of the upcoming political event, as well as to make the most correct conclusions. Such a political sweepstakes online opens up many opportunities for self-confident bettor, who wants to try his hand at the new field of gambling.


Will the party win the election.
What place will this or that party take in the election.
What is the percentage rate of voter turnout for the election?
Who will be the winner of the election, taking into account the form of a certain number of votes.
Will the second round of elections be open.
When a politician resigns.
Will the issue be resolved at the upcoming referendum.
Which of the party representatives will win in most elections.

The classification of such bets is truly diverse, and their types change under the influence of changes in the political life of the country. However, when playing this betting game, it is important to remember that, unlike sports events, political events are slow, so they can happen much later than you expected.

What are the benefits of political betting? One of its advantages is that it can be defined as “fork”, and it can be in the same office, which will never happen with sports betting. Moreover, the odds on this type of events from ParimatchMatch are really nice values, which, if you conduct a thorough analysis of the upcoming event increases the chances of a bettor to win. Guessing the outcome of such an event is much easier – there is more than enough material for analysis, and it allows you to build the most complete picture of what is happening in the country.


Many players have a mixed view of political betting. Some see political events as a waste of time and money, while others see them as a great opportunity to earn money. There are almost no completely neutral people who do not pay attention to what is happening in the world, so there are always those who want to make a couple of bets.

When determining the coefficients betting offices use the opinion of the world’s leading political scientists, the results of sociological surveys, expert publications. All these data are in the public domain, and can be used by players when planning bets.

The coefficients quite accurately reflect the current situation in the political arena. However, Brexit’s results and Clinton’s defeat proved that the situation can change. Political stakes are among the long-term, so the coefficients are periodically adjusted.

The main task of betting on politics is to find the best odds among the offers of betting offices and weighted betting. It is important to catch the moment when the odds are at their maximum: if the bookmaker concludes that the outcome is likely to come, he will lower the betting threshold or lower the stake.

Choosing an office to bet on

When choosing a bookmaker’s office, you should ask in advance if it supports the possibility of political betting in general. Some companies working in Russia and the world, specialize exclusively in sports and near-sports events.

Among the companies that accept bets on politics online, it is worth noting:

League of Bets. It is in this bookmaker’s office that Trump was betting on the victory, bringing the player one and a half million net income. Proposed and other political events, from presidential elections in France to the presidential elections in Russia.

Pinnacle. The main specialization of this bookmaker’s office is sport. However, here you can find bets on the main political events of the world – for example, here you can bet on the election of the President of the United States or Brexit.

William Hill. Players are offered a good line on the bets on politics. Particular attention is paid to the markets of Britain, the United States.

Marathonbet. This bookmaker offers to bet on political events taking place not only in the UK, France, USA, but also in Russia or China.