Ping Pong Betting

Ping pong is a great sport. Want to learn more about the rules and still earn money? Then come to us.


Ping-pong (also known as table tennis) is a dynamic and fast-paced game. In this article we would like to tell you about the importance of time in this sport, remind you some of its rules and explain why most players prefer to bet on this sport in the course of the game (in the live).

Average playing time of one point is about 4-8 seconds, set duration is approximately 1-3 minutes. According to the measurements, the net playing time in table tennis is 17-25% of the match duration. The rest of the time is spent changing sides between sets, challenging the referees’ decision, wiping the face with a towel and, of course, knocking the ball before serving. Therefore, matches can last from 20 minutes to more than an hour, depending on the number of sets and the manner of play of ping-pong players.

With such a dynamic playing field, this sport is interesting for live bets, and a lot of bookmakers really choose to bet on table tennis in the live. The odds in the game jump very quickly, and the amplitude of these fluctuations in most cases is large. A 5-6 point handicap in a net can be reduced to one or two or played back in a minute. Therefore, lovers of bets in the course of the game must be very quick to make decisions, and it is recommended to act on a pre-conceived algorithm.

In ping pong, the players take turns making two serves. With this frequency, this factor does not matter much. In large tennis, the server usually has the advantage of winning more games at his service. In volleyball, more points are won at the reception. In table tennis, the serving factor does not give a significant advantage to either the server or the receiver. Much depends on the manner of play of specific opponents. Therefore, it is not always possible to calculate in whose favor the score will change in the course of the set due to the serving factor. This is only possible if you have the statistics of the participants’ submission for the previous sets.

Depending on the status and regulations of the tournament matches may consist of 7 or 5 sets, that is, up to 4 or 3 wins of one of the participants in the match. As a rule, the bookmaker’s line specifies the format of the match (5 or 7 sets). This nuance is important to consider when betting on total or forum. At the Olympic Games, world championships and high ranked tournaments of the World Tour in single matches are held from 7 games, that is, up to 4 wins. In doubles and less status tournaments, they hold matches of five sets.

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As in many other sports, ping pong can be used as an outcome. There can be no draw, so the bet on the outcome always has 2 options – the victory of one of the tennis players. Advanced players more often bet not on the outcome of the match, but on the outcome of the set: this way you can catch better odds.


The most widespread type of betting in pig pong is total betting. Betters manage to guess not only total points in the set, but even in the match. To get into the right total ranges, you need to dig into the statistics of players and identify the average for each: separately for won and lost games. The average amount will be close to the truth.


Let’s look at a few ping-pong betting strategies:


Catching up on total  is a betting strategy that is perfect for table tennis. There are several games in the match, there are a lot of matches in the tournament. Tournaments are held frequently. So, you can catch similar results, and in case of failure – just increase the bet.

The essence of the strategy of catching up on total is that if there is a clear favorite and outsider, then the total points in each set with a high probability will be less than 18.5. The bookmaker offers this range almost always. If in the first set the bet did not play, in the next set you need to take the same total and increase the bet to repel the previous one and guarantee yourself the growth of the bank. And so you need to do until the bet does not play.


The secret of the betting strategy on outsiders is simple. You need to bet on the outsider, while at the same time backing it with a bet on the favorite. For example, you can bet that the outsider will win in the first or second set with a high odds. When the outsider starts to approach this goal, the odds of the overall favorite win will rise – this is the right time to bet. The winnings on the stake must be the main bets in case of a pass, and the sum of the stake must not exceed the winnings on the main bets, otherwise there will be a minus.

It is important that the favourite advantage is not unconditional. The outsider should have a chance to take at least one set. Otherwise, the betting strategy on the outsider makes no sense.


Ping pong bets are popular not only among beginners, but also among professional betters. These bets are fast: the result can be obtained as in an instant lottery, rather than waiting for hours or days.

Even in table tennis it is extremely unlikely that there will be any chance of a random outcome: there are practically no comebacks in the sets, the players are very rarely injured, the referee can not influence the result by his decisions.

Analyzing table tennis is simple: just look at the statistics of two players and do not need to take into account the weather, teammates and other complicating factors.