Moto Betting

Racing and motorsports is one of the most extreme and fascinating spectacles. Get acquainted with all the vidmies and plunge into the life of the motorcycle world.

Speed betting: bet on motorcycle racing

Among fans of sports betting, there is a category of players who are constantly looking for a sport for themselves, which can provide a good gain, and give a sharp emotion and adrenaline. Motorcycling is a dynamic sport that is popular all over the world, and in reputable companies the betting line on it is not worse than on the same motor sport, or any other sports.


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Motorsport History

However, before you begin to understand this sport, you need to look into the encyclopedia, and learn the historical facts about motor sport. It is noted that the first motorcycle races took place in 1899 in Vienna. However, motorcycles were completely separated from motor racing only at the beginning of the twentieth century, when the International Federation of Motorcycle Clubs was founded.

Disciplines in Motor Sports

Nowadays, in this sport there are different disciplines in which competitions are held. We are talking about road-ring racing, motoball, freestyle motocross, track and motocross disciplines, racing in the sand or on the grass, speedway, skiing, etc.

However, the World Championship in Road-Ring Racing, which is considered the most prestigious and first-class competition in this sport, and its history begins in 1949, is the most popular among fans of racing, as well as in the line of bookmakers. We add that this championship is divided into categories according to engine size and its technical characteristics into three classes – MotoGP, Moto3 and Moto2.

Factors that affect the outcome of Moto Race

History and classification of motor sport, we figured out a bit – move on. So, you have found an event in motor sports, on which you are going to make a bet. However, there is no need to hurry – first of all pay attention to the factors that can affect both the result of a particular rider, and the outcome of the entire competition, or even the season. At the same time, making bets on motor sport should be borne in mind that this sport is quite expensive, which means that a large number of bets are not made on it, which can have a lot of weight for the betting line.

Track. Different motor tracks have different features, to which riders adapt themselves, appropriately looking better on a particular track. It is not by chance that a motorcyclist shows good results time and time on one track and remains mediocre on another, which means that for some reason it suits him. Coverage, route design, fan support are all important factors to consider when betting on motorcycle races.

Weather and season. Weather always plays an important role in racing – not only in relation to motorcycles, but also in any racing competitions in the world. A wet and slippery track affects the performance of a motorcycle racer, increases the number of accidents and can have a positive effect on some athletes and a negative effect on others.

Understand what to bet. Do not rush to make a rash bet. Look critically at what you are going to deliver and decide for yourself whether this is the right choice. Winner, podium or five? The worst feeling in betting is when you thought to bet on one thing, but then you decided to change your choice, and the previous version played.

Position riders in the overall standings. Some Grand Prix, located in the middle of the championship, held under the great influence of the standings. Here, the team strategy interferes with the general layout, work on the rider who has the best chances to win in the overall standings – all this must also be taken into account.

Physical and Psychological factors

Before you put the funds, pay attention to the list of participants of the competition and get acquainted with the latest results of riders that have caused your interest. Particular attention should be paid to the statistics of the athletes’ performances, their motivations, as well as the archive of the bookmaker lines for the past races, in which the athletes you chose took part.

Also here you should pay attention to the psychological aspect of the race, season, or time period, which may affect a specific athlete, or his team, which should affect the movement of odds in the betting lines. In addition to psychology, it would be nice to ask about the physical condition of the racer and whether he had injuries or relapses on the eve of the competition, or during the preparation.

Weather and season

Also pay special attention to studying the conditions in which the race will be held. Because, for example, a wet clay road may well make its own adjustments to the alignment of forces for a ride. First of all, bad weather conditions play into the hands of not very technical athletes, thereby equalizing their chances of success with the favorites of the races.

Types of bets in motor sports

We turn to the types of bets on motorcycle races, which are present in the lines of sports betting, offered by solid bookmakers. And here in the first place in popularity is the bet to win a particular athlete in the race. A variation of this bet is to determine whether the chosen rider can be among the winners of the competition.

Winner. This is the easiest type of bet of all – it is proposed to guess the winner of the race. Each driver has certain chances, which are expressed in the coefficient that the bookmaker gives next to his name. The higher the quotation – the lower the chances of the rider, according to the bookmakers, but the higher the gain of the one who puts on it, in the event of a sensation. It’s simple – you bet on the rider, and if he wins – you win with him.

Podium. A more advanced type of bet – here you choose someone who is able to finish in the top three winners. A rider needs to take first, second or third place in order for you to win this bet. Players like this market because of the increasing chances of success. The favorite may not win the race, but he must surely get into the top three – this is important for the overall championship.

Finish in the top 5. The rate is similar to the “podium”, but here it is still easier – you need to guess the rider, who will fall into the top five. The odds are much lower here, but the risk that your driver does not qualify at all due to an accident is exactly the same as in the case with the podium and the prediction for the winner. Therefore, we do not recommend this option if you choose a favorite, but if you choose an unknown driver, you can take a chance.

Who is faster. In all racing competitions – biathlon, car racing, ski competitions there is a bet on the comparison of the results of two athletes. The bookmaker gives for comparison a pair of approximately equal riders, offering quotes for each of them. In fact, for those who put on the market “who is taller” the race goes between two bikes and even if the one you put on takes the last place – you win, if there is an opponent on the last one.

Exotic rates. Bookmakers are always ready to offer a variety of exotic rates for motorcycling – for example, some offices give quotes on whether the driver will reach the finish line. You can bet on the number of accidents, the fastest lap time, the number of overtakings – it all depends on your bookmaker’s fantasy.

The fastest lap. Also, the bet on the athlete who will hold the fastest lap in the race, or on the likelihood of an accident of a particular participant in the race, or clashes between athletes in general, and many others, is played well.

Finish or not. Monitoring of the bookmaker lines also shows that some bookmakers accept bets on whether the athlete you have chosen to bet can finish the race, or in other words be classified, or not.


Summing up, we note that motorcycling is an elite and very promising sport both in terms of betting, and in terms of the sports component. One of its features is unpredictability, which may in some moments play into the hands of betting lovers, and in some episodes, on the contrary, against them. However, gambling cappers only attract

Despite the fact that it is quite difficult to bet on this sport, the magnitude of the coefficients with the right approach to the rate can compensate for all the efforts made, as they say