Horse Betting

Racing from the end of the ages was one of the most popular sports among animals and people.
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Horse racing is a special competition that can bring more fun in one minute than an hour of play in other sports. Most betters aren’t very interested in betting, but British and North American players are not indifferent to these competitions, so it’s no wonder that many bookmakers take bets on races. In the XXI century races are exotic in the post-Soviet countries. Horse racing bets

Not one century of running and racing attract people with their spectacular, unpredictable results, as well as the opportunity to make good money at the races. That’s why the first totalizators appeared on the racetracks, and equestrian competitions marked the beginning of the development of world betting. In addition, bookmakers’ offices at hippodromes played a major role in the development of the industry, as part of the money was invested in the construction of buildings, infrastructure development and horse care.

It is believed that the races appeared in England for the first time and were just entertainment for kings and the chosen ones. Gradually with the development of horse breeding horse racing began to acquire an increasingly massive character, and already in the XVII century here was established breeding horses for sporting purposes, and at the races began to make the first bet. Later equestrian competitions spread all over the world, preserving the English traditions. Racing bets became a part of the culture of many countries and peoples. Nowadays, the annual turnover of all bookmakers’ offices in the world that accept bets on races is estimated at trillions of dollars. In London alone, there are more than 3,000 betting venues.

Horse racing has long been a popular and fascinating activity. In South Africa, official races were held back in 1975. In the XX century races spread all over the world. In Russia, the first equestrian competition was held in the XVIII century, when Count Orlov received a gift from the British horse elite breed. As the simple population, and aristocracy have met the first horse races with delight then equestrian tests began to be carried out regularly.

Equestrian sport (especially horse racing) is an extremely interesting and exciting sport that is just beginning to gain popularity in the CIS countries. The originator of horse racing is the United Kingdom, and it was in the 18th century that this amazing sport emerged on the British Isles. Hippodrome is a kind of arena where horse races are held. Everyone who hasn’t been to the racetrack, we recommend you to visit this place, we assure you that you will get inexpressible emotions. There is an atmosphere full of adrenaline, excitement and money. By the way, the first sweepstakes appeared in horse racing and only then in other sports. Today the betting betting offices have replaced the betting offices, which continued the work and popularized equestrian sports. Although horse racing in our country is not as popular as in other countries (England, Ireland, USA), but the fans place bets on the exotic in the domestic market at least a lot.

Most bookmakers not only accept bets on horse races, but also broadcast online races, so you do not have to be at the racetrack to see this spectacle.

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On the winner
To the prize place (your horse finishes among the first ones)
Double or triple prediction. You determine the winners in the correct order, which horse will come first, second and third
Who’s taller? Bet on a horse that is ahead of the other horse, no matter what seats are occupied.
What should be considered when placing bets?
Jockey experience
Distance of the race (some horses are good at short distances, others at long distances)
The age, weight and character of the horse and the stability of its results
It’s race time. Has the horse managed to recover from the previous races
Statistics (results, injuries, etc.)

How to earn on horse races? Making profitable bets on equestrian sports is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. In order to achieve a result, it is necessary to be interested in this sport and watch regular race broadcasts. Only in this case you will have a chance to earn on horse races.

The best betting strategy for equestrian sports There are a huge number of betting strategies that are used in jumps, none of them will give you a guarantee of earnings. However, there is a tactic of bets, which gives excellent results if it is skillfully mastered. Who owns the insider information, and he earns on bets fabulous amounts. Unfortunately, we do not know this underground info, do not worry, there is a way to calculate the suspicious rates on the coefficients. The essence of the method is to monitor the coefficients on the day of the race, if the coffin subsides significantly (for example, from 12 to 6.5), it means that someone has put a large amount of money on this horse. The player won’t just risk a lot of money, so he knows something, and we should use it. By the way, this strategy is called STIM (bets for professionals).

What do you have to pay attention to in the horse racing bets? Useful tips

The age of the horse

Undoubtedly, a young horse on short distances has more chances than its “aged” colleague. But if you are a fan of long-distance racing, then experience plays a major role here.

Run lengths

Before you place a bet, you need to know how long the race will be and whether the horse had a break before it. If it’s a sprint, the horse needs to rest for at least a month, and if it’s a long distance, then a long break is not necessary, and more precisely, it’s not desirable.

Jockey weight

The average weight of a jockey is 60 kilograms. But beginners are allowed to exceed this limit to improve the balance with the horse. It becomes clear that the easier the jockey is, the more experienced and has a better chance of winning.


Weather, as in other outdoor sports, can bring unexpected results when favourites are inferior to outsiders. Therefore, before betting, it is necessary to clarify the weather conditions at the racetrack.