Hockey Betting

Hockey, one of the few sports that is associated with winter and ice. If you’ve always dreamed of plunging into this sport, but you couldn’t do it, you should read the article and try your hand at it

Sports betting: Hockey

Ice hockey is a fairly popular sport on both sides of the ocean. Of course, the biggest popularity of this sport in North America, where Canada and the United States set the excitement. But in Europe there are many countries where hockey is not in the last place. Among them are Russia, Finland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Slovakia and many others. This sport is not only interesting to observe from the point of view of a simple fan. Ice hockey is of great interest for betters – professional players in the field of sports betting. Hockey, as one of the most popular sports, is represented in all major bookmakers, betting exchanges, sweepstakes. Among the club competitions, the most popular are the National Hockey League (NHL), the Continental Hockey League (KHL), the Swedish League, and the American Hockey League (AHL). Among national team tournaments, the Olympiad, World Cup, World Cup and World Youth Championship attract the most attention. At any of these tournaments you can always find where to bet.

Spectacular, bright, active and uncompromising game in which often no one pays attention to broken teeth, fractures and tremors. This is hockey! As you know, this is a game for real men.

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Hockey betting

The most popular types of bets for hockey are the bets on the total, on the outcome and on the odds. More often than not, betters resort to precisely such options when they make their predictions about the outcome of a particular match. Of course, do not forget about live-bets, which are now very popular. So let’s talk about the most interesting types of hockey betting in order.

Hockey betting on the outcome

Everything is simple and familiar to any player. No matter what you use for betting – hockey betting or bookmaker office, the main task for you is to guess the outcome of the match.

Here there are three main options: the victory of one of the teams (1st or 2nd) and a draw. Since the vast majority of hockey leagues matches can not end in a draw outcome, extra time is played (overtime), and if it didn’t reveal a winner, then the post-match shootout.

That is, of the 3 main outcomes of the match are their branches. For example, almost any hockey bookmaker offers to make bets of such a plan: 1 team win, draw, 2 win, first win with overtime and shootouts, second win with overtime and shootouts. That is, the outcome of the match appears as many as 5. Many players do not use this opportunity and in vain. For example, in the same NHL match, which goes into extra time – this is normal. This happens almost in every third game. Therefore, players who bet on the outcome of the match only in the main time, very seriously risk their money. Sometimes it is very useful to insure and put on a victory taking into account OT and B (overtime and bullets).

Use safety net – bets on winning, taking into account overtime and shootouts.

Hockey bet on total

Everything here is very similar to other sports. For example, with the same football, only instead of goals scored are abandoned washers. In addition to the standard totals of less or more, the Asian total and the individual total are also used here. That is, everything is very familiar.

Of the features it should be noted that hockey has its own specific totals. For example, recently the most popular are gaining bets on the total number of penalty minutes in a match with a team or a specific player. This is a very interesting option, since some teams or individual players play very dirty, with many violations. So there is a wide field for betting.

In general, hockey is a very productive sport, in which there is a very large number of goals. If, for example, for football, the standard total is 2.5, where the players guess is more or less, then in hockey most often this figure is around 4.5. However, there are separate leagues and tournaments for which even such totals are unjustified. For example, Canada’s junior leagues CHL systems (OHL, WHL, QMJHL) have a very high performance. Here you can often see the “base” total from the bookmaker at level 6.5 or 7.5. In the case of the European ice hockey championships, on the contrary, there is a tendency of lower effectiveness. This is due to the fact that there are more sites compared to Canadian ones (the width of the hockey rink in North America is 26 m, in most European leagues it is 30 m, in Finland it is 28 m), respectively, the intensity of hockey is slightly lower. However, the same KHL can boast a very decent level of hockey, where there are a lot of abandoned goals. So the KHL tote in its various manifestations is quite a popular thing. This applies to both betting on the total match and betting in general.

Note for bets on total: in the junior leagues of Canada, CHL is a very big performance.

Hockey betting with a handicap

As in the case of bets on the total, this type of bet is not much different from other sports. Odds with a handicap are quite popular in hockey, as they allow more flexible betting.

That is, for example, the bookmaker in his line for the favorite of the match gives a bet with a handicap of -1.5, this means that such a bet will play in case of a win of the favorite with a difference of 2 or more pucks. Often these rates are very useful. For example, at the World Championships, an obvious favorite is playing (Canada, Russia, Sweden) against a hopeless outsider. It is clear that the team-favorite will give the minimum coefficients, put on this makes no sense. But, having taken the odds, for example, the victory of Sweden with a handicap of -2.5, you will get a much more interesting coefficient.

Any bookmaker hockey does not put in the last place, so the painted line is usually in this sport is very decent. Of course, first of all it concerns top tournaments – international competitions of national teams, NHL, KHL. However, it is also usually possible to make very interesting bets on other championships.

Hockey live bets

Sometimes it seems that this type of bet, as if it was specifically invented for hockey. One of the most dynamic sports in which everything can change drastically in a matter of seconds. What could be better for a live player?

Often in hockey matches there are situations when a team throws several pucks at once in 1-2 minutes. Either the team suddenly arrange a real “shootout” in the spirit of Western films. As you understand, all this very seriously affects the line of coefficients, which changes in live in real time. So it is very interesting and relevant to bet on hockey in this way. Often this leads to the fact that you can seriously increase your bank. If, for example, you are sure that team A must win, and it concedes 0: 2 in the course of the game, it still means nothing to hockey. At the same time, the coefficient for winning a team A will only increase with every minute. Taking into account the fact that for the same NHL, for example, 4: 3, 5: 4 accounts are not at all something out of the ordinary, you can very successfully make live bets.

The victory of one of the teams in the first period with a margin of 1-2 goals still does not guarantee. Moreover, in hockey they played back a greater number of pucks, and, sometimes, in less time. For example, many may recall the stunning finals of the 2011 World Youth Championships with its incredible comeback. Canada and Russia came together in the finals – hockey world classics. Ancestors won after two periods with a score of 3: 0. Surely the guys were already mentally trying on gold medals. Imagine what coefficients did the bookmakers give to win the Russian team? As a result, the Russian squad in the third period rolled the “maple” into the ice, throwing 5 unanswered goals. You can imagine how much the players have earned, which in live put on the victory of Russia after 2 periods of the match.

Useful tips

When betting on hockey, you should be especially careful when analyzing the upcoming match. In this sport, the smallest nuances often play an important role. So, for example, the injury of one of the team leaders can have a significant effect on the result. What is it worth paying attention to?

Always study the underdogs of matches. This advice is particularly relevant for betting on the NHL. Here, in general, there are no outsiders, because often even the last teams of the regular season can beat the leaders of the tournament table. In any case, you should always study the statistics, psychological and physical condition of such a team. Often, such teams are “dragged” by individual players. As you understand, it is worth getting injured to such a leader, as all team chemistry can crumble like a house of cards.

You should also pay attention to the game state of the leader team (favorite). If one of the leaders misses the game, or a substitute goalkeeper is released on the ice, this may affect the outcome.

It is important to pay attention to the coaching staff of the teams. For example, the team had a protracted series of failures and the head coach was fired. It is likely that in the next match the team will show a completely different game, even at the expense of only one emotional factor of some changes.

You should not rely on any kind of “true” strategies and methods. All this, of course, is good, but it does not always work. If you are a hockey fan and really love this sport, it would be better if you analyze the match that is interesting for you: see the statistics, read the news, etc.

We hope that our advice will help you to make a successful bet on hockey. It does not matter that it will be a hockey tote or a bookmaker. The main thing to love this sport and success will come to you.