Grehound Betting

Dogs are true friends of people, but they are also one of the most popular industries in the betting world. Read our analysts’ article and learn new things

Sports Betting: Greyhound

Among sports bets to this day are popular dog racing. Two breeds, the greyhound and the whippet, turned out to be the most suitable in this area. Slim, lean, fast and agile, they could easily withstand the loads that other breeds would not have been able to do. And among greyhounds, not every representative could count on participation, because huge capitals depended on his result.

Dog races are a sporting event in which greyhounds on an oval racing track pursue artificial game – a mechanical hare; it is not only very spectacular, but also attracts the attention of bookmakers. In order to succeed in the field of bets on dog racing, luck alone is not enough. Success requires a good knowledge of sports, experience and of course intuition. However, dog races are not only for commercial purposes. This is a good pastime, allowing the dog owner to satisfy the natural hounds and hunting instincts of their pet.

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Running and Chasing

Dog races are held on an oval race track (or track), and speed is the main condition for victory. The dog that first crosses the finish line wins. Six dogs of the same breed and sex pursue a bait in the form of an artificial hare, which is covered with rabbit fur or simply with protective tape and driven by a special machine.

As a rule, canine races (according to FCI rules) consist of qualifying and final races. In addition to the jury, there are other important officials on the run. The head of the race is responsible and monitors all technical and organizational issues, the finish judge makes decisions about the order in which the dogs crossed the finish line, and the observers on the track, usually four, control the course of the race, telling the judge about any failures and violations of the rules. Starting team monitors the start of the race, the sequence in which the dogs started the race, and also check whether muzzles and overalls are put on correctly.

Another equally important group of officials includes the timekeepers, the operator of the machine that drives the lure, and the local veterinary surgeon who must be constantly present and be ready to intervene at any time. Also, he conducts a general inspection of the dogs to determine if they are able to participate in the competition.

Chase the wildfowl

The pursuit of wildfowl imitates a real hunt with hounds and takes place in an open field. In this competition, dogs compete in pairs. They try to catch prey using different techniques. Chasing the game is not just running for speed. Several judges evaluate the ability of a dog according to 5 criteria: endurance, agility, hunting excitement, intelligence and speed. In this competition, endurance is expressed in physical and mental strength, energy of the dog, its ability to finish the pursuit in good physical shape is evaluated. Show your agility by betting! Sign up and get a welcome bonus. The agility and mobility of the dog is manifested in its ability to change direction without slowing down at the same speed, as well as how it overcomes obstacles and captures prey. The dog, full of energy and hunting excitement, pursues prey in spite of any obstacles, whether it is a fall or loss of prey out of sight. The mind manifests itself in the chosen pursuit tactics, and the speed is evaluated in comparison with rivals. The roles and powers of officials (referees, race leader, field watchers, starting team, operator of the bait machine, local veterinary surgeon) are very similar to the roles and powers of officials in dog races.

Competition rules for dog racing

Championships in dog racing and the pursuit of “game” are organized by the state – a member of the International Kennel Federation (FCI). Two years before the championship, the Dog Racing Federation Committee (Cdl) determines the country and location of the event. All breeds of the FCI-10 group are allowed to participate in dog races and stalking game. The list is as follows: Afghan Hound, Azawak, Russian Borzoi, Polish Greyhound (Chart Polski), Deerhound, Spanish Galgo, Greyhound, Irish Wolfhound, Magyar Aghar, Salyuk, Serggi, Whippet and Italian Greyhound. On dog races and during the pursuit of “game”, greyhounds wear special protective muzzles to avoid injury. They also attach tape to the neck or wear colored coveralls with numbers.

Main organizations

The International Canine Federation is the World Cynological Organization, the headquarters of which is located in Thuin, Belgium. It has 84 members: member countries and permanent patrners. The Austrian Cynological Association is also a member of the FCI.

Professional dog races and bets

In Austria and Germany, by virtue of the law on the protection of animal rights, there are no bets on dog races, as well as monetary prizes to the winners of these competitions. Nevertheless, in the UK, USA, Ireland, Spain and Australia there are professional dog races, which, like racing, are of great interest for the bookmaker. It is not enough one luck to succeed in the sphere of bets on the dog run, it is necessary also very well to understand this sport. In the dog races a tote is very common.

Types of Bets on Dog Races

Bets on dog races are done solely on victory. However, there are many types of them:

Place only. The bet is made on just one of the dogs. You thus indicate that it will take first or second place;
Win only. Also a bet on one dog, which, in your opinion, will come first
Forecast. A bet that is usually very difficult to win. It is necessary to correctly indicate two dogs, which will occupy the first and second places, and also indicate which of them will be the first, and which will get the second place;
Trio (triffecta). This bet is even harder to win. It is necessary to name the dogs that will come first, taking all the prizes – from first to third

Supertriffecta. A variety of previous rates. The player chooses 4 dogs and indicates what place each of them will take in the race. I am not only talking about the first three positions, you can choose any places;
Combination bets. The bet involves a choice of 2 to 4 dogs, which will occupy the first and second place, while it is not necessary to specify which of the dogs what place will take in the race;
Two twists. Making this bet, the player chooses two dogs, which will be among the first to come in the race, taking any of the prizes. At the same time, there is no indication of which of the dogs which particular prize will take;
The plum. This rate is even more complex than Forecast (done according to the same rules). since it is valid for two runs. Moreover, if the bet is lost in the first of two races, then in the second it no longer participates, and it is considered lost
Show. This is a bet on one dog. It is considered won if the dog takes any of the prizes.
The duella. This is a bet on two dogs, both of which should take prizes, but without specifying which of the dogs will show which result. Also done for two races.


In countries where dog races are inferior in popularity only to traditional football, hundreds of dog races can be held every day. You can bet on the most important races in bookmaker offices around the world, including in Russia.

To predict the result of the race, it is necessary to carefully analyze all the available information, study the statistics, understand what distance the dog can run better. Our specialists study and analyze all data that is publicly available, and make professional forecasts for the sport.