Football Betting

Football, the very first and most popular game that began to bet on. There are a lot of matches that don’t stop all year round. Play with us, bet on football


American football is one of the most popular sports in North America. Therefore, it is logical to assume that the bets on American football – also very interesting to fans of this sport, and just those who like to earn money from sports. In the NFL championship there are 32 teams in two conferences of the American and National, each of which, in turn, is divided into four divisions: Eastern, Western, Northern and Southern.

The official date of birth of American football is considered to be November 6, 1869. On that day, the teams of two universities (Rutgers and Princeton), and not agreeing on what exactly they were going to play, held a landmark match on strange rules, which resembled both European soccer and rugby.


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The outcome. The most obvious and one of the two most popular bookmaker’s markets for American football. Quotes are offered with two variants: for the victory of the first or second team. NFL remains the only American league where a draw is hypothetically possible, but its probability is very small due to the peculiarities of the rules. From 1974 to 2017, only 22 draw matches were played.

Total. Here you can make a prediction on how many teams will score points in total in the course of the match, taking into account the overtime. In average NFL teams score 43 points per game, but because of the rules of 43 points in the match – a rare option. The most popular totals in the NFL are 41 and 44 points, each of which is found in about 4 percent of the matches.

It is also possible to bet more/less on individual teams – it is a good option if you, for example, have studied the attack of one team and the protection of the opponent well, but are not sure about the rest of the game lines.

Related and interdependent markets in relation to total are quotes for the team – the author of the most productive quarter, as well as bets on who gets to a certain number of points first.

The statistics. Offers vary depending on the office – both player statistics and team statistics. For example, whether a quarterback will gain a certain number of yards per match, whether he will be a victim of hijackings, and so on.

You can guess the number of touchdowns and field heads in a match, whether there will be at least one safe – a situation where the defense brings two points to its team by stopping the opponent in his scoring zone. There are many options, but the betting limits on paintings are usually not as high.

Long-term bets. Throughout the regular NFL championship, which runs from September to January, you can bet on the triumphant of the season based on the results of the playoffs (Superbowl winner), the winners of individual conferences based on the results of the playoffs, as well as on the winners of their divisions (there are only 8 of them, 4 in each conference) based on the results of the regular championship.

The NFL is a relatively competitive league, and even in the case of the obvious outsider of the last season in the new year, the odds of winning a division rarely exceed 10, and the league tries to keep a balance of forces with the help of financial instruments and the draft system, so that unexpected breakthroughs happen from time to time.

Special bets. American football is one of the most popular sports in the world in terms of money on bets, so without the exotic and strange offers could not do without it. Before the start of the season, many offices offer coefficients on which coach will be fired first, for example, whether at least one field goal will be scored for the whole season from far away 60 yards and others.

The odds for the perfect season are in demand – in the history of the league only four teams have made at least one “regular” continuous winning streak. The event is already unlikely, and in special bets it can be seen on the average teams for a factor of more than 500.

Live. Real-time NFL forecasting is mostly unprofitable due to the increased bookmaker’s margin, but at the same time, with proper skill and careful viewing of the game there is a chance to catch advantageous odds.

Immediately after the change in the game situation, for example, immediately after touchdown, there is inertia of the line and some of its instability: experienced players sometimes use it, quickly assessing the situation and making bets on American football in the live.

There is also an oversaturated market of bets on the favorite in the live, even if the favorite is inferior in the account after the first half. Then it may be advantageous to predict the underdog.



American football is an exciting and stylish sport. Get in touch with the spirit and uncompromising spirit of the sport by betting on the most popular U.S. tournament, the National Football League. The season at the NFL doesn’t last long, so serious players usually know more than one tournament and don’t get hurt much after February’s Superbowl.

Even if you’re risking a little money, betting on the NFL is better and keeping your head cold – a detailed study of player and team statistics will help you get more in touch and spend time watching matches with interest.

In conclusion, let us remind you that a win-win betting strategy for American football (as for any other sport) is more of a myth. In its search you can miss time and money, so it is better to develop the skill of your game gradually, step by step, and to treat bets as entertainment, sometimes bringing a nice bonus in the form of wins.