E-sport Betting

What is E-sport? How to choose and bet correctly? Everything is described in the article below.


Virtual sports or eSports bets are in fact very similar to regular sports bets. So, most of the bets are placed on the winner — matches or entire tournaments. The procedure is simple: you choose what bet to make, specify the size of the bet – and wait for the result of the event. Just like in traditional sports betting.


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Basic betting types on esports

Below we list and briefly describe the main types of bets on eSports.

Betting the winner of the match

This is the most common type of bet, suggesting a prediction on who will be the winner of a single bout.

Betting on the winner groups

Many eSports competitions involve a group stage before the decisive playoffs. So – you can bet not only on who will win the whole tournament, but also on who will take first place in his group. A variation on this type of bet is a prediction on which group the future winner of the entire tournament will come from.

Betting with horn or handikap

In individual matches, the winner is usually determined by the number of points scored. And bookmakers offer to bet on who will win, taking into account the odds. Such a bet will be calculated on an artificial account – this is the odds-adjusted real score of the match.

Betting on the winner of the tournament

While in normal sports this type of betting almost always refers to long-term, in eSports it can take less than a week between betting on the winner of a tournament and its calculation, which is not so much. The bet itself, as its name implies, involves betting on who will win a particular tournament.

Betting on total

This is a bet on the number of points in the match. Under the glasses can be understood anything – as the basic number of points accrued to determine the winner, and the number of some local events within a single match. For example, the number of rounds for which the match will last.

Special betting

These are specific betting options that are specific only to specific eSports categories. For example, bet on the “first blood” or the first kill in the game.

Specific types of betting on esports

At the moment there are quite a lot of games for which bookmakers offer to bet, and each game has its own specifics, which is reflected in variations of the bets. Below we will name the most interesting options for bets that do not relate to forecasts for the winners of matches and tournaments.

Betting on the first kill baron or dragon

These are stakes in League of Legends matches. Their peculiarity is that they need to be done, having first of all assessed the teams’ strategy, and not their strength and chances in full-time confrontation.

Destruction tower

Another bet from the world of League of Legends. It is done on one of the teams participating in the match and will be won if the team selected for the bet destroys the first tower.

Knife round

Bets on a separate game mode Counter Strike: Global Offensive. A forecast is made for the first kill in Pistol round mode.

Overtime rates

Another type of betting for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. It assumes a prediction of whether the match will have extra time to determine the winner.

Always evaluate success

Of course, it’s great and wonderful if the eSports bets bring you positive results, but if you don’t assess your success (and failures), you won’t know what your long-term profit will be.

In addition, the use of closure line coefficients is a great way to determine the accuracy of even losing bets. If your bet loses, but you constantly bet with higher odds than the coefficients of the closing line, then you are on the right track, and therefore, most likely, you should expect the moment when balance is established in the manifestations of chance and luck.

Resist the temptation of attractive odds

Many novice players are tempted to bet on an outsider in a match with a high ratio to guarantee a big return on their bet or to make a big bet on a favorite to get a guaranteed profit.

Remember that the coefficients express the estimated probability and are just a display of the bookmaker’s evaluation of future events. It will be better if you yourself calculate the probability of winning the team, and then use the correct method of calculating the rate in order to ensure that you do not lose your entire bankroll due to one bet.


There is nothing good about betting based on emotions and personal feelings. Whether it is a question of abandoning the method of calculating bets after a few bad results or placing a bet on your favorite team without analyzing the odds, it is impartiality that will help you achieve success.

Patience is the main quality of any serious betting player. Don’t let emotions get the better off you if something goes wrong. If you chose the right bookmaker, conducted research, took into account the information received, always use the method of calculating bets and track your results, then you are more likely to achieve success.

The path to systematic profit on eSports does not end there. These are just some of the basic principles that should be followed if you seriously plan to earn money by betting on eSports. As with the eSports games themselves, it takes time and effort to develop the required skills.