Darts Betting

You know what darts is? Yeah, that’s the kind of kids’ game So here’s great news for you, just recently, darts has gained great popularity and now you can watch the championships of your favorite sport and place bets

Sports Betting: Darts

The popularity of darts bets is growing every year, especially in European countries. Our detailed guide will allow you to learn a lot about this sport, and increase your chances of success.

A rare month in a year does without any darts tournament, which attract more and more spectators in Germany, Austria, Holland and Belgium, as well as in such far-away countries as South Africa, China, Thailand, and Japan. In addition, in the USA and Canada, it has already been played for several centuries, practically from its birth in the UK.


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Basic rules of darts

In a duel compete two. Each dartsman has a starting pool equal to 501 points. In non-professional competitions it can be reduced to 301 or 101 points. The task of the athlete is to reset the initial pool earlier than the opponent does. One such approach is called leg. Their number rarely exceeds 14 (the score is kept up to 7: 7 in equal fights, or 8: 0 with a clear superiority).

The target is round in shape, contains 20 zones (lanes). Hitting a particular field is estimated by a certain number of points, which can be doubled and tripled by sending a dart to special zones.

Darts betting options

The outcome of the meeting – depending on the competition, the organizers can assume a draw. In this sporting discipline, draws do not so rarely occur to completely ignore them.

Exact score – in different tournaments there are nuances in the rules. In some competitions, up to 5 wins are played, and in others – up to 7. It is even more difficult to predict the exact score in darts than in football.

Winning with a handicap is a standard bet with a handicap on leagues or sets.

Total – the number of sets or legs, including the individual total.

The winner of the tournament – long-term betting, which offer to determine the athlete who won at certain competitions.

Other types of bets – for example, who will be the first to knock out 180 points or who will more often hit the bull’s eye.

Key betting features

Psychological component – the path to success. Since there is no physical contact, the psychological characteristics of the person influence the result. It’s not just the motivation and the mood for the game, but also the character, behavior and relationship with your opponent.

Many are able to throw accurately, but the best players are:

– psychologically stable and do not lose concentration under the influence of various factors;
– manipulators, capable of unnoticeably knocking the enemy out of themselves and make them miss
• both simultaneously.

All competitions are unique. Each tournament has its own nuances in the rules, while ignoring which, many ridiculous deals are made. Before you put on the tournament, read the rules of its conduct.
Darts is a predictable sport in which there are almost no sensations in top level competitions. Surface analysis will not give a significant result, because to find a profitable option, you should consider a lot of factors and find loopholes in the bookmaker line.

The basis of the analysis of matches in darts

Without familiarizing yourself with the dartsman personality, don’t even try to predict fights. It is important to understand how a player will behave if he starts to lose, and how it will affect a significant lead over an opponent.

Mandatory component of success – knowledge of the rules of sports discipline and understanding of the principles of the game. Not knowing how points are considered, what the rules of the competition and other nuances are, you put yourself in a losing position in relation to the bookmaker. Watch sports – it is not only interesting, but also useful for future analysis.

Darts are not thoughtless dart throwing, but a clearly structured process.

Statistics are a useful thing in the hands of a skilled bettor. The numbers themselves do not mean anything, but with proper application, almost the entire analysis is based on them. Be sure to compare statistics. There is such a term as “uncomfortable opponent.” So, the player can be much stronger, but it is with this opponent that it’s hard.

Learn the features of performances at unimportant competitions. A great example is the everlasting favorite Phil Taylor. It is known that the Englishman saves forces in tournaments that do not solve anything, for which he fully concentrates on the World Championships and other important competitions. Be prepared that he may unexpectedly lose a little-known player.

Summarizing the above:

• Carefully analyze the identity of the athlete;
• Learn the peculiarities of his behavior in various game situations;
• Study and compare statistics;
• Parse the nuances of individual competitions and the sport itself, if not done so before.

By fulfilling these requirements, the analysis will become more accurate, and with it the permeability of rates will increase.


If you consider darts not a sport, but fun, then just enjoy watching and do not bet. In fact, it is a fascinating sight, which is especially popular abroad.

Successful bets on darts – this is a qualitative analysis taking into account the characteristics of sports discipline and the match participants themselves, as well as the analysis of statistics and its correct comparison.