Box Betting

Boxing is probably one of the most popular and widespread sports on the planet. Millions of fans are watching all the fights from different parts of the world and placing bets, try it

Sports Betting: Boxing

For fans of betting from all over the world who use different bookmakers to play, initially it seems that boxing bets do not have significant differences from hockey, football, tennis and basketball, but if you dive a little deeper into this sport, you can see that it has its own characteristics and differences.

All bookmakers accept bets on boxing fights as well as on other sporting events – you can’t argue with that. But in order to successfully play you need to understand the main nuances of this sport, which, despite its cruelty, can be very spectacular, and most importantly – profitable.

There are such battles, when the fighters show a close battle, and it is very difficult for the judges to determine the winner.

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How to Bet on Boxing?

Let’s start with the fact that we try to understand the basic rules of bets on boxing events. betting sites accept bets on the outcome of an event, which can be a victory, a defeat, and a draw, although this phenomenon is not common in this sport. But, at the same time there are such fights, when the fighters show a close fight, and it is very difficult for the judges to determine the winner.
The question “Which bookmaker is better for boxing bets?” Is very hard to answer. However, most of them offer a bet on a favorite with the main type of bets. And here comes the first feature of boxing, in which obviously equal coefficients for boxers are not given, but always one is at least insignificant, but a favorite.

The best option in this case is to bet on a boxer who does not lose for a long time, as for example Floyd Mayweather, or Vladimir Klitschko. In any fight against any opponent, these fighters will be favorites, and the bet on their victory will be more reliable. And this is a direct way to ensure that it is included in a reliable express, and to increase the amount of possible gain.

Also, the boxing tote accepts bets on the total in rounds, offering players to predict the option to end the fight before or after a certain number of rounds passed by the boxers. Given the odds on favorites, this type of bet is more attractive for players who want to win as much money as possible.

To beat the bookmakers, betting on the total rounds, you first need to conduct a small analysis of the upcoming match. First of all, it is a question of whether there is a puncher among boxers, because, as you know, in boxing one blow can solve everything, and if it is heavy weights, then in general, it can be a turning point in the whole fight.

Types of Bets on Boxing

Main outcome is this bet, where the player must indicate the name of the boxer who is to win the boxing match.

Draw – this is such a bet, which means the same amount of points for both boxers, between whom the fight took place. Scoring is carried out at the end of the battle and only the refereeing can award the status “draw”.

Early victory – this bet, meant the victory of a boxer who defeated an opponent by knockout or technical knockout, also includes disqualification or failure to fight.

Victory on points is a bet that implies a boxer’s victory on points earned during the whole fight, but only the refereeing can award such a victory.

Number of rounds – in this bet the player must guess how many rounds there will be for the entire fight. A boxing match will be considered completed if the boxer is no longer able to continue the fight after the end of the last round and before the start of another round.

Tips and Rules

It is also worth checking whether there were fighters in knockouts, knockdowns, or else ended their battles “on the stool”. In addition, you should pay attention to the physics and endurance of the boxer, and the level of opponents with whom he met before.

Another interesting type of boxing bet is the boxer wins on points or early. This is where all the data we wrote about above will come in handy. When making such bets, take into account, in addition to experience, the boxer’s age, size, and weight category, since boxers often either rise or fall in weight, which can affect the level of boxing and the outcome of the meeting.

Useful tip is that before you bet on a boxer, if you don’t know anything about him, look at the records of his previous fights to see what he is. But here it should be borne in mind that boxers are people too, and the human factor has not been canceled, but this will help you to reduce the risk of loss to the minimum. So you will be able to understand what kind of person he is, how he behaves in certain situations, whether he takes risks, or prefers to box carefully, and much more, which will reduce the likelihood of your loss.

Pay attention to the venue of the meeting. After all, besides the cheerleader factor, which will help the local boxer, there is also a judge, and he can also be on the side of the fighter who is boxing at home. It is worth remembering at least examples of the same great Roy Jones and Floyd Mayweather, from whom the judges of the Olympic Igor were selected as a judge. And this is only the level of amateur boxing, what then to speak about professional, where huge sums are at stake.

Boxing judge

And in order to predict the judge’s decision, you need to know the person who is behind the organization of the battle. After all, you need to understand that the bets on boxing, which accept bookmakers, are only the top of the monetary lump that revolves around the fight. The rest is provided by promotion companies that make crazy money on fights, and in order to continue to do this, the promoted boxer must not lose

Boxing styles and technique

One of the technical nuances is the rack in which the boxer fights. As is known, left-handers and right-handers in boxing have a different strategy, and whether a boxer is able to withstand an opponent who does not stand like him can depend a lot on what has already been proven many times in the history of world boxing.

It would also be nice if you wondered where and how the boxer spent preparing for the match, find information about his personal motivation for this meeting, or about the sports-related factors that may affect the outcome and nature of the meeting. Do not forget that today’s boxing is first and foremost a business in which huge money is spinning, and the times when the fighters killed each other for the sake of delight the audience have long gone.


Summing up, I would like to note that any player who may not even be interested in this sport, but who wants to find something new in the betting, can make bets on boxing. In this sport you will find for yourself no less extreme than in the same bets on Formula 1, or other sports that make the blood run cold in their veins.

But most importantly, do not forget about the human factor, which in boxing can play a major role, and don’t try to bet without understanding – so you will be doomed to lose. After all, bets on boxing, just like this sport, do not forgive mistakes, and if you make a mistake, you will certainly be knocked out.