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The best tips for profitable and quick registration are collected from us. Carefully read the instructions and proceed

What do i need to register on betting site?

Because we are worried about the safety of our clients’ data and wallets. We carefully review and test all sites for sports betting that are presented on our site in order to have a clear idea of the safety of interaction with them.


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how the quick payout chart is formed?

Our experts and testers conducted a detailed analysis of all methods of withdrawing funds and identified the sites with the fastest payouts, which we present to you in our chart of sites for sports betting with quick payouts.

As the popularity of Sports Betting Canada continually increased, we have decided to make a list of the Best Online Bookmakers in Canada. In the ranking process, we considered variety of factors that are most important for players. These factors include:

•   Type of welcome bonus,
•   Mobile presence,
•   Odds,
•   Variety of other games,
•  Payment options,
•   Platform specific features,
•   How many sports are available.

Combining all these factors lead us to the unbiased conclusion of which brand is definitely the best. The rest are not bad at all, however, the first one does have an edge over the competition.
But, before we go into which of these brands is the best, we are going to pay a closer look to what the best bonus in Sport Betting Canada is.

why should the betting site be mobile friendly ?

In the age of modern technology, many are increasingly using their mobile gadgets to play sports bets. Moreover, during sports events there is not always access to a computer and it is much more convenient to use a compact mobile phone that is always in your pocket, which is why when choosing a site for online bets, it is necessary to take into account the adaptability of the design and the availability of a mobile bookmaker application.

The process of placing a bet is more or less similar regardless of the online bookmakers that you choose.
The process is as follows:
• Visit the site and press the join option to create a new account.
• Next, log in and deposit money in the ‘My Accounts” option.
• Scan through the menu to find the sport you want to wager on.
• Click the odds of your wager to add the bet slip.
• Enter the bet amount and then finally hit the “place bet’ option.

Bookmakers’ offices are concerned about their own safety. And every year the security measures become tougher. It is connected with popularization of earnings by making bets. Bookmakers incur serious losses from – for forks, owners of multiaccounts, which are used to get bonuses at the first deposit. Therefore, these users are subject to measures that limit their income: a limit on the maximum rate, request for identity documents, and in the worst cases – a ban on withdrawal of funds, or complete blocking of accounts.

Serious bookmakers have security departments that develop and implement measures to combat forklifts and multiaccount holders. As a rule, these are special algorithms that detect such users at the stage of account registration. So don’t be surprised if your new account initially has a maximum rate cut. Often such measures affect users who follow the bookmaker’s rules and make bets from their own account. For this reason, they also have to resort to multiaccounts.

Although security algorithms change regularly, there are a number of rules that will help you to safely register your account and avoid restrictive sanctions during the registration phase.

As a rule, the security algorithm of bookmakers is based on the identification of the user, using the “fingerprints” that his device leaves at the entrance to the site of the BC. These are the IP address, serial numbers of the devices and their components, browser and OS information, cookies, caches, etc. To bypass the security mechanism, you will need to replace this information so that you can easily register a new account.

Proxy for BC
It is easier and cheaper to use a proxy server to change the IP address. With the help of a proxy, your network traffic will be redirected to a third-party server, through which requests will be sent to the bookmaker’s site. This guarantees your anonymity, because when you access the bookmaker’s site, the IP address and location of the server will be used, not the IP of your device.

You can buy a proxy for the BC on our website. To set up a proxy, use special software, such as Proxifier, which proxies the entire network connection. How to set up a proxy in Proxifier is explained in this article. Note that each new account requires a new proxy to be registered.
Disabling WebRTC
You also need to disable WebRTC technology in your browser, which leads to the leakage of the real IP address. This vulnerability is used by bookmakers to bring the user to the surface. In our blog it is told what WebRtc is and how to disable it in different browsers.
Iron fingerprint substitution
In addition, the security algorithms of bookmakers take into account the prints of the device from which the entry was made. Therefore, it is necessary to change the identification number of the PC, OS, user and host names, OC build number, etc. To do this, use the CCTools program. Start the program, generate all the values located in the “functions” tab and save the changes.
Changing the DNS server, and cleaning the cache and cookies
The next step is to change the DNS server. How to do this is explained in this article.

Don’t forget to clear the cookies and cache in your browsers. If you are using a fork scanner, also clear the cache of the software.

Keep in mind that following these rules will help to register your account safely, but does not guarantee safe work with your account. This is especially true for bets on forks. In this case, the bookmaker will apply measures to your account after several bets. As a rule, this is a cutting of the maximum bet, or a request for documents. Therefore, it is recommended to withdraw funds immediately and register a new account.



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