Skrill Betting

Skrill safety and speed of your money transfers. What is the difference between this payment system and others?


The popular Skrill payment system is often used to fund your account at bookmakers’ offices. This system has several advantages: high security, security of bank card details, instant transfer of funds. Deposit to the betting shop via Skrill is available to every user who registers with the system. You can name some Skrill betting companies where you can top up your account using this system. For example, such offices as Pinnaclesports, Paris Match, William Hill, Titanbeth and many others cooperate with it. Many betting offices have an online betting system and you need electronic money to do so.

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Skrill   is a   kind   of payment system,   an electronic format. It allows you   to   deposit   and   withdraw   funds,   make electronic   payments and, of   course,   transfer the   resource   between the   clients   of   this   system. The   history   of   creation   of   this   system is   quite recent,   in   2001, one   of the   English companies “Investor   Technology   Partners”   and   therefore all   transactions   are   made   under   the rules and   laws   of   Wales   and   England.
Work in this   system is   simple and simple, for   registration you will   need   a   reliable and well-protected e-mail, and   the process   of   registration   is   the   same as   on   standard sites. But consider,   on this   site,   you will   carry out payment operations, therefore necessarily specify as much as possible truthful, personal information about yourselves. Also, carefully check each column to prevent grammatical errors. Further, your company data will be checked in several different ways. All these procedures are performed to make sure that you are a real person.
When   you   go   through   all   the   stages   of registration and  verification,   you will receive an email   with   a link to activate your account. When making payments, sending or receiving money online with Moneybookers, you will only need an email address and password. You do not need to always have your payment details with you and enter them constantly. Every day more and more merchants are switching to Skrill (Moneybookers) payments. So you can make direct and secure payments without showing your bank details or your credit card details. How do I fund my Moneybookers Skrill account in other countries? To top up your Manibuquerque account you need to add it to your account and verify your payment card or bank payment. We would advise you to top up with your card as it’s much faster and only takes a couple of minutes. To do this, you will need a VISA card (VISA), which has the necessary amount to refill in the appropriate currency, and the minimum refill amount is only 1 euro (or equivalent). After verification of the card you will have to enter only CVV code (three digits on the back of the card) and your account will be recharged within 10 seconds. To withdraw money to your Manibuquerque card, you only need to order payment, you do not need to enter anything, because your card has already been verified. How much time does the money go from Moneybookers (Skrill) to the card? Usually it takes 2-5 days to pay out the Moneybookers, but this depends only on your bank and can be as high as 14 or even more. The fact is that once you have ordered a payment from your account in Manibuquerque, the money is sent to you. Everything else depends on the bank. This is the electronic payment method we would recommend, as it is one of the fastest, cheapest and safest payment methods. In addition, when you recharge your accounts at bookmakers’ offices, you will receive special bonuses, which can be found on the website of Manibukriers in the menu “Game promotions”.


Sign in to your Pinnacle account
Click on the cash register icon
Choose your Skrill payment method
Fill out the form and click send
Withdrawal of funds is similar.
Commissions Depositing via Skrill is performed without commissions. It should be noted that each client of the Pinnacle bookmaker’s office gets the opportunity to withdraw money free of charge during the calendar month. All subsequent operations will be processed with a commission of $15.
Skrill is one of the most popular and well-known electronic payment systems. It appeared in 2001 and was called Moneybookers. In 2011, the organization underwent a major rebranding, and the payment system was given a new name Skrill. Those who have been in gambling for a long time, probably remember the past brand, as before it was almost the only method to deposit and withdraw funds from the account. Today there are much more payment systems, but the organization continues to position itself as a gambling payment system and occupy a leading position in this segment.
It is worth noting the main advantages of Skrill:

Possibility of instant deposit and withdrawal of funds from and to the account in bookmakers’ offices, casinos and so on.
It is possible to issue a plastic card of MasterCard standard, linked to the balance. There is a VIP-system, which allows you to reduce commissions when withdrawing funds from the account and get a free card. Availability of Russian-language support. What is a VIP-system and what are its advantages? Each new user is given an initial status with numerous limitations, for example, withdrawal limits, rather high commissions for withdrawing money from the account, as well as interest for intra-system transfers. You can raise the status by making deposits from the account to the casino, gaming sites and so on. So, to get the first status of Bronze, you need deposits totaling 6,000 euros in any calendar quarter.

For silver status, the amount is 15,000 euros and so on. Let’s consider the amount of transactions per quarter to get different statuses:

Bronze 6000 euros.
Silver 15000 euros.
Gold 45000 euros.
Diamond 90 000 euros.

When registering in the system via VipDeposits resource, Silver status is given absolutely free of charge. Thus, deposits are not required. You just need to follow the link, register and verify the new account, then get all the advantages that the silver VIP status provides. The table below shows a comparison of Silver’s simple status and Silver’s status, which can be obtained by registering through VipDeposits.