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PayPal contactless payment for all your purchases and sports betting. Learn more about the description and use it.


PayPal is the largest contactless debit payment system, which appeared on the money market relatively recently and gained great popularity among active and advanced users.  The history of this financial platform begins in March 1998, when it was decided to unite two large financial companies, such as Confinity and In the first month of the newborn company’s operation, they started servicing electronic auctions, so by April, more than a million auctions on eBay were already offering payment via PayPal. This payment system is used in about 200 countries around the world.


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For different countries, different terms of use have been developed and are divided into 4 types:
1. Send only the package of services is valid in 97 countries and includes only money transfers.
2. PayPal Zero this package of services includes the ability to deposit, deposit and withdraw funds in foreign currency, but the user is not able to keep a balance on the account of PayPal, this package is valid in 18 countries.
SWR Send Recieve Withdrawal here the package has much more functions and possibilities, it includes, transfer, transfer, deposit and withdrawal of money on the card, when the user considers necessary and operates this package in 41 countries of the world.
4. Local Currency includes the functions of the previous package and additionally includes the possibility of conducting operations in local currency. It works in 21 countries all over the world.
Residents of Ukraine have the opportunity to use the services only in the following order: you can deposit funds and withdraw or withdraw them as a package of financial services Send Only, which operates in 96 countries. The reason for such limited functionality is a limited limit on the use of the resource by the government. Not so long ago, on March 2, 2016, in Warsaw, representatives of the National Bank of Ukraine met with representatives of Pay Pal and during the negotiations it was stated that there is no development strategy between them at the moment. The widest audience of this instrument for payment of purchases is the American market. The main objective of this system is to pay for purchases in online stores and other trading platforms, but this does not mean that PayPal is not suitable for paying bills in bookmakers’ offices. They also guarantee the safety of personal funds, simple interface, ease of use and speed of use, but warn about the drawbacks, so among the many huge advantages there is a nuance, for example, that this payment system is suitable only for spending money, but not for “nudity”, the only way out in this situation is to withdraw funds through the exchanger, but the percentage is very high and the loss of funds is inevitable. But if you are sure that you want to become a user of this system, you need to open a personal or commercial account, and then everything is standard. But in order to send personal funds to deposit, you need to have a bank card with you.
In general, given the ease of use, speed, reliability and anonymity of the payment system, the scale of its use has not increased, and, for example, in countries such as Ukraine or Belarus, it is almost unpopular.


First of all, it is necessary to create an account, for this purpose it is necessary to create data for a personal cabinet, which includes an e-mail address and a password, to this address will be directly linked data on all purchases. Also, users of this financial platform can make financial transactions between themselves. Once the account is created, it should be confirmed, the confirmation procedure includes the procedure of writing off a small amount of money, often it is less than two dollars. After that, the e-mail or phone number receives a four-digit confirmation code that you drive, thus confirming the identity of the cardholder. After successful confirmation the money will be transferred to the Pay Pal account balance. All use of the resource for users is free of charge, it is registration in the system, transfer of funds, the commission is not withdrawn from the sender, and vice versa, the recipients of the appointed payment are charged. The commission is influenced by factors such as the sender’s and recipient’s country, as well as the status of the transfer.
Our site analysts have collected all the information about the bookmaker’s offices, which accept payment by means of this payment system. And made a list so that you can freely choose a particular site.
How to top up your deposit using Pay Pal? It is an alternative option for replenishment of a personal account in a bookmaker’s office. It is generally accepted that PayPal is the safest company in the field of e-money payments. The payment system guarantees transparency of the transaction for buyers and sellers, which has earned