Payment Interac

What is Interac? What are the subtleties and complexities of using this system?


Everything in detail is described in the article below. Every day thousands of Canadians choose one of the fastest, most secure digital payment systems Interac. According to statistics, there are about 16 million payments for services and money transfers per day. The leading fraud detection systems are responsible for the security of funds. There are several types of payment methods through this system. Interac Flash is the first and easiest way to pay quickly, contactlessly. It can be used throughout Canada, where the Interac Flash icon is marked. Interact Transfer is a fast and secure way to transfer and receive funds to your personal account. Interac Online allows you to pay for all your purchases from the comfort of your home. Also with the help of this payment platform, you can replenish your deposit in the office of the bookmaker’s office. To do this, you need to enter the number of your current account in the online bank and replenish the deposit in a couple of clicks. Among all other payment platforms in Canada, this is quite unpopular. Interac is more suitable for household shopping than for permanent use for playing platforms.
Interac like many other Canadian platforms works exclusively on the territory of the creator and work with a limited number of currencies. Therefore, the huge popularity enjoys only among Canadians and outside is little known.

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The Interac Association is a Canadian organization that connects corporate networks of institutions to form a secure connection between them and to exchange electronic financial transactions. The Association was founded in 1984 as a joint venture between five financial institutions: Royal Bank of Canada, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Scotiabank, Toronto-Dominion Bank and Desjardins.
By 2010, the Association had 80 member organizations and over 59,000 ATMs accessible through the Interac network in Canada, as well as more than 450,000 merchants located throughout the country.

Interac Debit gives you access to your own money, straight from your bank account. For everyday purchases like your morning caffeine fix to the quick stop on your way home from work for dinner ingredients, using Interac Debit is like using cash, only more secure. Transactions are approved online and in real time as your money is exchanged electronically between your financial institution and the merchant. Interac Debit is available at over 500,000 merchant locations across Canada, from convenience stores to specialty clothing shops to gas stations and restaurants.

Use Interac Debit for your everyday small purchases
Interac Debit helps you take control of your finances and can help you avoid overspending. It’s like using cash, only more secure, as the money is exchanged electronically between your bank and the merchant through the Interac network.

Interac Debit transactions occur online (versus offline) and in real time so you can always keep track of your spending. All transactions are approved by your financial institution and appear instantly on your personal banking account records, allowing you to monitor your account balance to see exactly how much money you have available.

The Autodeposit feature allows you to have money sent via Interac e-Transfer automatically deposited directly into your bank account, without having to answer a security question. The Autodeposit feature continues to provide the value of Interac e-Transfer, without the need to share financial information.

For senders, there is added convenience of not needing to convey security answers while continuing to have the security of knowing who is receiving the funds, prior to sending.


1. Log in to your financial institution’s online or mobile banking and navigate to Autodeposit, typically found in the Interac e-Transfer settings.
2. Register your e-mail address and link your account. Any transfers to the registered email address will be automatically deposited into the account.
3.You will receive an email to confirm your registration. Check your inbox and click “Complete Registration”.

Shop online and pay
directly from your bank account
Offered by hundreds of merchants for online payments, Interac Online allows you to pay for your purchases easily, directly from your bank account. Whether you’re ordering dinner, looking for a gift for a special someone, or treating yourself to that brand new pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing, Interac Online is an immediate, secure, and easy-to-use online payment method. All you need is access to online banking through a Participating Financial Institution. Payments made with Interac Online are conducted through the convenience of your existing online banking access, without requiring you to create any new user names, passwords or accounts.


We are Canada’s most innovative payments technology company, processing more than 6 billion transactions annually at point-of-sale and ATMs, and offering Canada’s leading electronic money transfer service. Canadians choose the security and convenience of our products over 17 million times every day to pay and transfer money using the funds in their banking accounts.

We understand the needs and challenges of operating in an increasingly competitive and rapidly evolving marketplace. Our investment in the technology required to continuously innovate ensures that connected consumers can continue to choose our products now and well into the future, on multiple platforms and devices. We are making our knowledge and many of our solutions available to help you grow your brand in your local market.

Dual Interface EMV Specifications
A comprehensive set of Dual Interface EMV specifications and related artifacts have been used for almost a decade as the basis for our services.
We offer a fully operationalized solution to serve as the foundation for domestic payment networks and their members to deliver contact and contactless payments in a quick and cost-effective manner, and create a path to delivering mobile payments.
The specifications are built to EMV, ISO, and Global Platform standards and allow for co-badged implementations; today, applications built to the specifications reside on the same chip with other global payment brands’ chip applications.

Canadians love their debit cards. In fact, according to Interac, a Payments Canada Stakeholder Advisory Council member and Canada’s debit card system provider, there were 126 Interac debit transactions for every Canadian in 2014. Interac links financial institutions and businesses in exchanging electronic payments and also operates Interac Flash (contactless payments), e-Transfers, online services and ABM services as well as the well-known direct payment service. Interac Association is a nonprofit that was founded in 1984 as a cooperative venture by RBC, CIBC, Scotiabank, TD, and Desjardins and operates under an order issued by the Government of Canada’s Competition Tribunal in 1996.
Members include issuers such as financial institutions that provide debit cards to their clients, acquirers who operate card-accepting devices, connection service providers and settlement agents like Canadian Payments.
In 2014, there were 4.9 billion Interact debit transactions, 540,000 merchant locations accepting the payment method and 65,992 Automated Banking Machines that can be accessed through the Interac network in Canada.