Canadian Lotteries

There are a lot of lotteries and ways to make money in this way. Our almighty experts have analyzed the Canadian lottery world and selected the most successful offices


The Canadians are said to have an excessive love for denim clothes. I’m sure you know the other weaknesses of these guys: hockey, maple syrup and… lotteries. The most popular of them is Lotto Max, the overseas cousin of our Goslotto 7 of 49.


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Until 1967, buying lottery tickets in Canada was illegal. In fact, at the time, only Irish Hospitals’ Sweepstake tickets could be obtained from under the floor (as the name suggests).

Eventually, the government decided to legalize this activity, and already in September 1967 a legislative amendment was adopted in respect of lotteries. Five regional organisations were established to administer Canadian lotteries: numerical, instant and two national lotteries.

Since 1970, regional raffles such as Quebec’s Inter-Loto have started to appear. A few years before the 21st Summer Olympics in Montreal (1976), the Canadian government launched a special Olympic Lottery to raise funds for the sporting event. A total of 9 draws were conducted between 1973 and 1976. They helped raise 230 million Canadian dollars for the Olympics. The Olympic Lottery also provided Canadian $25 million in extra-budgetary support to the regions, and the participants won a total of $190 million in Canadian dollars.


Nowadays there are two national and regional lotteries (Lotto 6/49 and Lotto Max) in Canada. The most famous of them are the lotteries: Tag in Atlantic Canada, Extra in Quebec, British Columbia and Western Canada, Encore in Ontario.

Lotto Max is the North American analogue of our “Goslotto 7 of 49”. According to the rules of the lottery, to win the super prize here you also need to guess 7 numbers out of 49 possible. However, there are some minor differences. For example, in Lotto Max there are additional prize categories for those who guess 3 or 6 numbers of the winning combination and the number of the bonus ball. Circulation takes place weekly on Fridays. The minimum guaranteed super prize is 10 million Canadian dollars. Tickets start at $5 CAD.

The formula Lotto 6/49 resembles “Sportloto 6 of 49”. To participate in the drawing it is necessary to note in the coupon 6 numbers of 49 possible and the number of the bonus ball, which gives a chance for a big win to those who guess 5 numbers of the winning combination. There is also an additional prize category for those who guessed only 2 numbers and the number of the bonus ball. To win the Lotto 6/49 super prize, you need to guess the 6 main numbers. The minimum guaranteed super prize is 5 million Canadian dollars. One ticket starts at $3 CAD. Circulation takes place every Wednesday and Saturday.

Rules of the game in Lotto 6/49


The main lotto (6 of 49)
Drawing of a guaranteed prize of $1 million (Guaranteed Prize Draw)
Drawing of additional prize from $500 thousand to $ 1 million (Encore Draw)


The rules are the same as in the other 6 of 49 lotteries. In the ticket 49 numbers in the range from 1 of 49, from them you need to choose 6 random numbers. The more numbers match the numbers of the barrels that the leader pulls out of the lottery, the greater the winnings.


By selecting “Combo”, the player can cross out 5, 7, 8 or 9 digits instead of 6. The number of winning combinations will be the same:

if you choose 5 digits – 44 (the cost of the game is $132)
if you choose 7 digits – 7 (game price – $21)
if you choose 8 digits – 28 (game price – $84)
if you choose 9 digits – 84 (game price – $252)

Lotto 6/49″ feature – if you choose 5 digits of winning combinations, it will be more than if the player crosses 6 or 7 digits. There is a rule in “Lotto 6/49”: if a player crosses out 5 digits, the winning combinations will be all of them with all 5 digits and any other number. In other words, if a player crosses out the numbers 1,2,3,4,5, the combination of 1,2,3,4,5,6 will be a winning combination. Like combinations of 1,2,3,4,4,5,7; 1,2,3,4,5,8 and others.


The Guaranteed Prize Draw is a lottery that makes one Lotto 6/49 participant richer by $1 million. So, twice a week, the organizers of Lotto 6/49 make some of the players a dollar millionaire.

There is no additional fee for participation in the Guaranteed Prize Draw – participation in this lottery is included in the ticket price. The winner is determined after the completion of the main lotto. The host announces a ten-digit combination in the format 12345678-01. The participant who found such a combination in his ticket becomes the winner

Note that the numbers in the combination for the Guaranteed Prize Draw player can not choose. They are printed on the ticket in advance.


Encore Draw is an additional lotto, participation in which costs 1 dollar. Encore Draw is held in every draw of “Lotto 6/49”.

The leader’s lottery consists of 10 barrels with numbers from 0 to 9. He takes turns taking out 7 balls from the device, showing their numbers. The removed keg is then sent back to the lottery machine. Therefore, in the winning combination of Encore Draw, the same number can occur twice or more.

Participants who guessed all 7 numbers in the order in which they fell out, get $1 million each. Players who correctly named 6 or less numbers also get prizes:

For 6 numbers – $100 000
For 5 numbers – $1000
For 4 numbers – $100
For 3 numbers – $10
For 2 numbers – $5


A record win in the Canadian lottery is 64 million Canadian dollars, which went to the participant from the city of Mississauga in Ontario. He guessed all the numbers of the winning combination of Lotto 6/49 in October 2015.

Second place is taken by 63,400,000 Canadian dollars, which won four successful Lotto 6/49 competitors in April 2013. Each of the winners received 15,900,000 Canadian dollars.

In third place is the 60 millionth Lotto Max super prize, which was drawn on August 12, 2016. This huge sum was received by the lottery syndicate, consisting of 12 colleagues from the city of Markema (Ontario). Each of them became richer by 5 million Canadian dollars.


The fact that each player can take a big win does not mean that it is possible for any lottery. To succeed, it is important to choose the right lottery. As a rule, the most trustworthy lotteries are the large ones, known in the lottery market. It is in these lotteries that you can win the largest amount of money, and the probability of success is objectively greater. Another feature – it is desirable to choose the “local” lotteries, rather than foreign, because in case of winning the lucky one does not have to travel far to get what he earned.

Before deciding which lottery to give preference to, it is important to know that they may vary considerably in type. For example, there are some of the easiest lotteries to use – instant lotteries. All you have to do when you buy a ticket is erase the protective layer and find out if there are any winnings. Another type of lottery is more common. Such lotteries also have two types: one of them has to guess the numbers, and the second one is to buy a ticket with the ready numbers that need to be checked during the lottery.