Reload Bonuses Betting

You knew there were recharging bonuses for the bonuses, didn’t you? Then our developers analyzed a lot of information and provided you with the latest and most up-to-date information


All betting companies try to attract as many potential clients as possible, rather than increase their rating and profitability. To this end, each betting company tries to create more favorable conditions for betting than others, for example: reduce margins, use various additional services, offer exclusive bonuses. But let’s not pour water and let’s get down to business.

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The largest sums of money are usually offered with various welcome bonuses. Despite this, most betting companies realize that they are not enough for the client’s happiness. And since it is not enough for him to be happy, it is equally not enough for his loyalty to a certain betting company. Imagine the situation: once after your first installment of the casino as a reward gave you a big bonus. Of course, you appreciated it, but you spent it a long time ago and have received nothing since then. How would you like it? Obviously, every devoted player who has chosen a bookmaker from many others expects to be encouraged and pleased. That’s why some betting companies offer a reload bonus.

Reload-Bonus – the same as Cash-Bonus, but it is issued for recharging the account in the betting company, thus bookmakers give their customers a second bonus and show their privilege among other betting companies.

The size of this bonus can be absolutely different, depending on the betting company.


Cash-Bonus – this type of bonus provides for the accrual of a certain additional amount to the player’s account (in most cases, % of the initial deposit). For example: 100% bonus means that if you have replenished your deposit by 100$, you will be added another 100$. Then your account will already have $200 on it. But to be able to withdraw the bonus, the betting company requires you to fulfill certain conditions – to scroll the amount of bonus (or bonus with a deposit) a certain number of times at rates with a certain minimum coefficient (for example, bets with cafes of at least 1.5 are counted).

The success of the bookmaker directly depends on the number of registered active players. Therefore, in an effort to attract as many people as possible to the bets on their sites offices use motivating techniques. Bonuses when registering at the bookmaker’s office – is one of the most effective tools to attract users. Any beginner can be easily interested in these kinds of gifts, which with some luck and skill, will increase the deposit. And if you are unlucky, the new better with the help of bonus “buns” will be able to train in sports betting and gain experience. Bonuses when registering a game account in different BCs may have their variations. But the most widespread are doubled deposits, deposit-free bonuses and freeboards (free bets). The first type of bonus is a double increase in deposit at the first deposit of the player’s account. Bonus without deposit is a gift from the BC, which does not require replenishment of the game account. A fribetom called the opportunity to make one or more free bets after registration on the bookmaker’s website. It is these types of bonuses, as well as the best offers from bookmakers’ offices we will consider in our review. Doubling the deposit is the most popular bonus when registering
When you create an account at an online bookmaker’s office, the user receives a sum of money equal to the deposit made. That is, when replenishing the account for 3000 rubles, the better receives an additional 3000 rubles from the BC.

The amount of replenishment for the bonus is determined by the office itself and is specified in the terms of the promotion. Here is the list of bookmakers offering their new users double deposit:

It is important to know! The user cannot withdraw bonuses immediately after making a deposit. To withdraw conditionally gift funds, it is necessary to fulfill the bookmaker’s conditions. For example, to win back a bonus in 1xbet, the better must put the money in 5 times the amount. It is necessary to make bets “express”, which include not less than three events with coefficients from 1.40. If these conditions are not met, the bonus will be cancelled. If the bonus is successfully wagged, the money is transferred to the player’s main deposit. And the transferred amount will be equal to the balance of bonus funds.

Non-deposit bonus in the BC for registration
To take advantage of this popular gift from the bookmaker’s office, the new user does not even have to replenish the game account. The most common type of deposit-free bonuses are freeboot. Freebet bonus allows a new player to make any bet (or even a few) absolutely free of charge. If such a bet will play, then the main account of the player will fall to the amount of net gain, that is – less the amount of the freebeta itself. The size of the freebet bonus is determined by the bookmaker and is specified in the rules of the BC.

Let’s mention at once that in many popular BCs this kind of bonus is not completely deposit-free. Sometimes a new player has to top up his account (even for a very small amount of money) to play a freebett according to the terms of the promotion.

How do deposit-free bonuses work?
Free bets are a simple but effective tool to increase the loyalty of players to the bookmaker’s office. Regardless of the rules, the BC will never be in the minus, giving away even the most generous and deposit-free bonuses.

During the registration on the website of the betting company, be sure to read the terms of the proposed bonus programs.

Ideal for the player is to receive a freebet at registration, bet without making a deposit, win and then receive money to the main account minus the amount of freebetta. Ideal for a bookmaker is to make a deposit at any of the stages: immediately after registration/freebet/after wagering. If the game account is replenished, the registered user becomes an active player. And the chances that he will continue to bet after receiving the deposit-free bonus are high enough.

Is it profitable for bookmakers to give bonuses for registration
To attract clients of the BC various marketing strategies are used. And distribution of bonuses for registration is one of the most effective. Advertising banner of the bookmaker’s office will never contain information about the need to wager a bonus. Maximum – the potential client learns that it is necessary to replenish the game account “at least 50/100/500 rubles”. But in return, he will receive a gift that will help to win real money from the first bets made.