Free Bets Betting

What do you think free bets are? How do I use them? You should read the information provided by our experts.


Free betting or freebett is the most popular type of bonus offers in online bookmakers’ offices along with cache bonuses, from which it differs by easier and more favorable conditions. This section contains the best freebet bonuses from leading online bookmakers, with which you can earn at minimal risk.

Freebett is a certain amount of bonus funds, which burns after betting, and the winnings at the bet are credited to the player’s account.

The size of the freebet bonus can vary greatly in different bookmakers’ offices – from 100 to 2000 rubles and more. In this case, the conditions for the provision of free betting vary. Let’s consider the most common types of bonus programs with freeboards:

Bonus for registration – is awarded to new players after opening a game account and making the first deposit. In some cases, it is not necessary to replenish the account to get the bonus.

Bet without risk. Many bookmakers offer a risk-free bet. Some of them give a cash bonus in case of losing bets, while others give back the lost money in the form of a freebet.

Loyalty program. For each bet the player receives points, which can then be exchanged for free bets.

William Hill

100% up to 3000$ with free spins


100% up to 2000$ with free spins

22 bet

100% up to 2000$ with free spins


100% up to 2000$ with free spins


100% up to 1500$ with free spins


100% up to 1000$ with free spins


100% up to 1500$ with free spins

Night Rush

100% up to 1000$ with free spins

Spin Sports

100% up to 1500$ with free spins


100% up to 1500$ with free spins




When choosing a bookmaker’s office, the players pay attention to the odds, painting, line, reliability of the company, the possibilities of live section and, of course, bonus and promotional offers. And bookmakers clearly understand this, so in the fight for new customers use bonuses, which often serve as an incentive for registration. For bookmakers’ offices the launch of any bonus program is a decent loss, but without it in the current conditions of fierce competition in the sports betting market it is difficult to survive.

Specifically, freebooths are also used to attract new players, but more often than not the main purpose of free betting is to retain previously registered betters.

What do you need to know before you get the bonuses?

Bonus programs that provide freebies usually have simple and clear conditions. Do not be lazy to spend a few minutes to get acquainted with the rules and requirements. Usually they contain the following nuances:

Events on which you can put a freebett. Some bookmakers give a free bet only in pre-match, while others do not allow you to use it for certain sports, such as tennis.

Minimum odds for a free bet. There may be no restrictions, although, as practice shows, bookmakers allow you to put a bonus on odds from 1.50 or higher.

Type of bet. The conditions of the first allow you to put both ordinary and express, the second – only express or only ordinary, here everything depends on the imagination of bookmakers’ offices.

The size of the bet. Sometimes the rules stipulate that the use of freebett must be complete, that is to say, to bet the entire amount, and sometimes it is allowed or even required to place bets in parts.


The received freebet bonus cannot be withdrawn immediately. In order to win back the bonus money, it is necessary to make a bet that corresponds to the terms of the promotional offer.

If the free bet loses, the player loses nothing. In the case of a positive outcome to the game account is credited with the winnings minus the betting amount. In other words, the net winnings are credited to the account, and the freebetts are burned.

When the winnings at the free bet are credited to the balance of the player, it can be cashed or used to bet on any events in the bookmaker’s office.


A deposit-free player does not require the player to recharge the balance immediately after registration, but is charged for the fact that he has passed all the stages, including proof of identity. The deposit is credited to the account when depositing money to the balance of the game account, and its size directly depends on the amount of the first deposit. The bonus variant for the first bet implies the calculation of reward after the first bet for real money is made by the player.

At the moment in the Russian legal market there are twenty betting companies, most of which strive to attract new users due to welcome bonuses. Let’s consider all available options, dividing them into three groups depending on the ease of remuneration.

Bookmakers’ offices with freeboot without deposit

Among all offered variants special interest of users is caused by deposit-free bonuses of bookmakers’ offices. It is not surprising, because the prize money, which does not require replenishment of the account, is the complete absence of risks. Bookmakers also understand this, so there are no hurries and queues to offer freeboot to newcomers when registering.

To get a deposit-free bonus for registration, the user is required to take a minimum of actions:

Register on the official website of the bookmaker’s office, filling in the standard registration form with current personal data. Confirm the e-mail address and mobile phone number specified during registration.

Bind the account to the newly created account to a valid account (or QIWI account, depending on the bookmaker).

To pass the verification procedure in accordance with the bookmaker’s rules. In most cases, this will require a personal visit to the game room or partner organization. To confirm your identity, you will need a passport and an active phone number, which was specified when you registered on the site.

When a player receives a freebett without a deposit, it is only possible to withdraw the winnings after depositing. In other words, you will have to make a minimum deposit anyway. Yes, you can bet for free for the sake of a fan, try out the interface, but you won’t take the money without making a personal deposit.

Therefore, free freebett can be called only theoretically.

Why does the BC give a bet without a deposit? For the sake of attracting new clients. This is a good move, because there is a high level of competition among companies.

We advise you to take a closer look at the free rates that are given for depositing into your account.

If you plan to play at a bookmaker’s office, pay attention to the free bets for registration with the deposit. The table below shows the current 2019 freeboards, which are easy to compare and choose the best one for you.