Exclusive Bonuses Betting

How to use exclusive bonuses and what is it? Should I accept this offer from bookmakers?


Each serious and self-respecting bookmaker’s office provides its clients with various bonuses. This fact can be considered not only an advantage of the bookmaker, but also a certain indicator of the correct attitude to bettors. After all, a one-day office can not afford such a policy. If the player is successful, he will definitely “raffle” this reward and get it in the form of real money on his gaming account.

Why do bookmakers give players different rewards? This can be a decisive factor in the choice of a bookmaker, so it is important for the latter to attract the client with various nice gifts, such as bonuses and promotions. Of course, before you get the bookmaker’s bonuses, you need to “earn” them, but if it succeeds, then the amount is palpable. On the other hand, reputable bookmakers are happy to pursue a policy of loyalty, doing good to their partners, which can not but affect the reputation of the bookmaker. And this is a positive image of the company, which should not be broken.

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Exclusive bonuses – this type of bonus includes various actions that are held in the BC before the start of a major tournament or other important events on the eve of the holidays, it can also include contests with a cash prize (for example, give the player who passed the express with the highest coefficient, etc.).

In foreign BCs, the Best Odds Guaranteed bonus is often provided (‘literally: ‘The best odds are guaranteed’). This is a betting bonus for racing (preferred in the British and Irish markets). This bonus assumes that the betting rate is paid at a higher rate than that which was at the time of the bet. In most cases, this bonus is made if the odds on the horse on which the bet has been made increase before the start of the race.

There are also betting companies that give you points for bets, and then if you get a certain number of points, you can exchange them for money or special gifts.


– choose the type of bonus offer;

– choose two promotional sports in the current month, the bets on which will be taken into account when calculating the bonus amount.

Only bets made after activation of the offer and selection of two promotional sports are taken into account. Users who have activated the offer, but have not chosen two promotional sports, cannot claim a bonus


– Fixed percentage of the sum of winning bets on the selected promo sports. The minimum betting ratio is “ordinary” and the total minimum for “Express” is 1.4.

– Fixed percentage of the net profit on the winning bets on the promotional sports selected by the player. The minimum betting ratio is “ordinary” and the total minimum for “Express” is more than 1.

How to transfer the bonus percentage of the winnings to the main account?

When using this type of bonus, you should remember that the bonus percentage of your winnings goes to the bonus account, not the main account. It will take time to withdraw it to the main account.  Different betting companies have different withdrawal conditions, so you need to familiarize yourself with them in advance.

Some betting companies have an opportunity to transfer bonus funds to the main account in the period of 1-3 days of the month (UTC+0) following the promotion. The bonus amount can be withdrawn once and in full.

In the period from the 4th day of the new month to the beginning of the next withdrawal of bonus funds is not available. At the same time, bonus funds are kept in the next month and continue to accumulate. Also, the maximum amount of bonus for the month and the mandatory wagering for withdrawal is not set.

Be careful, because the company reserves the right to cancel the bonus and refuse to provide it to the client without explanation in case during the check of the game account there are suspicions of violation of the integrity of the game or the use of strategies that the company at its discretion considers malicious. In controversial situations, the decision of the authorized officers of the company is final.

In case of suspicion of violation of the rules, unfair play and other fraudulent actions, all such accounts will be excluded from participation in this promotion.

Such offers are available for those clients who have only one registered game account.


In conclusion, I would like to say that the privilege in the form of an exclusive bonus is given by various companies to attract the attention of customers to their betting company. Different betting companies offer different variants of this bonus, but you should carefully read the terms of their use, and most importantly, the conditions of their withdrawal. Since almost every company has a certain period of time, in which you can transfer the bonus percentage of winnings to the main account.