Betting Tools

Thanks to bet calculators, you can calculate the payout amount, convert the odds to any popular format, and calculate the margin amount or amount for arbitrage or hedging.

Odds Converter

Converts betting odds between US, decimal, fractional, percentage, Hong Kong, Indonesian, and Malay formats.


The handicap table allows you to quickly get information about various types of handicaps, including the handicap, and also displays data on predictions for sporting events. The tool is easy to use and useful for handicap and Asian handicap.


The Handicap Calculator, in turn, serves as an excellent addition to the table and helps to calculate the relevance of such rates. By changing the settings, you can increase the functionality of the calculator and make calculations for various markets.


This tool allows you to calculate both single bets and various strategies for bets. The rate calculator allows you to get detailed and ready-to-use information for strategies, based on the data you entered.


The betting system calculator can help you calculate exact values ​​for different system rates. For example, you can place a bet in which already 3 out of 4 events will lead to a winning outcome.


The fork calculator is an incredibly useful tool for those who like to bet, thanks to which you will be able to cover losses from losing bets, guaranteeing profit.

Parlay Calculator

This calculator determines parlay payouts as well as associated premiums given a set of underlying bet odds.


The Martingale calculator allows you to calculate the strategy of the same name for sports betting. By entering the source data you will receive the most complete calculation that will help you determine the size of the bank and adjust your rates to get the maximum profit.


The bookmaker’s margin calculator, or in other words commission, helps the betters evaluate the betting line offered by the bookmaker office. Using this tool, you can not only choose the BK with the most favorable conditions, but also increase the number of winning bets.

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